We Can Tell You If You'll Cheat On Your Partner?

We Can Tell You If You'll Cheat On Your Partner?
Are you sure that you are not taking advantage of anyone? Is it really true? Perhaps your other half doesn't like it when you don't answer calls, like the photos of strangers, and sit up late with your friends. Take this quiz and find out what adultery means to you.

If someone tries to get acquainted with you on the street, you...

I'll give my number

Ok, where are we going? To a cafe?

I'll refuse and show my ring and marriage license

Choose the color you like most:




Do you like when people stare at you?

No, it's embarrassing

Oh, yes, it increases my self-worth

Well, yes, sometimes

You found out that your other half is cheating on you. What do you do?

I register on Tinder, that's that!

Well, I need to have a drink

No way! It can't be true!

Will you feel bad, if you accidentally call your other half by the wrong name?

What a shame! It shouldn't happen at all!

Yes, not a great situation, indeed

It has happene a couple of times, not a big deal

You're sent on a long business trip. Alone. What will you do there to have fun?

It seems I will have to join a fitness club

Eh, I'll call home more often

There are definitely good neighbors

Do you compare your relationship to that of others?

Yes, look, Kate went to the sea with John... for the second time this winter...

No, of course. I'm happy with my relationship

My problems are enough for me, thanks

A little bit of maths. A serious relationship =

A couple of years + living together

Meeting with friends + checking social media

Meeting at a night club + 3 cocktails

You came to a cafe for a date. But someone very beautiful passes by your table. Your actions?

I 'll test the waters sneakily

I'll follow him/her with my eyes. What's wrong?

I don't care

How do you feel when you stay alone?

I can take a rest at last!

Nope, I immediately start missing my friends and close ones

Not bad, but if it's for a long time, I'll be bored

After a serious quarrel you think...

We shouldn't raise a hue and cry

Only we have such serious quarrels. Jake told me that Sara and he...

I'll go to friends, stay there overnight

Do you believe in love at the first sight?

Only in very romantic stories, maybe

No, this is impossible. First, you need to get to know a person

Yes, of course. I have first-hand knowledge

Never and not at any price

Do you remember Pushkin's Tatyana Larina? Just a model of faithfulness and commitment in a relationship. Infidelity is out of the question! Even if there's something you don't like, you'll never do such a thing. Carry on! Thanks to such people like you we know what is love and family happiness. Share the result with friends, let's see what the quiz will tell about them.

Anything could happen

Adultery is certainly not the finest action. But what can you do when circumstances are such?... Definitely, you'are always on your toes and don't take advantage of anyone, but a few more cocktails and you will be in the risk zone! Share the result with friends, let's see what the quiz will tell about them.

Watch your back!

Oh, we recommend you to take it slow. Not all people have the patience of a saint and can forgive everything. For your own happiness' sake, you can definitely do everything, but think twice - if it's worth it. Share the result with friends, let's see what the quiz will tell about them.