Could You Take Part In a Mars Colonization Program?

Could You Take Part In a Mars Colonization Program?
Mars is a planet very similar to the native Earth but very different at the same time: it has a weak atmosphere, there's no protection from cosmic rays, and there's no air. Nonetheless, humankind has been planning the colonization of the red planet for a long time, and recruitment and training of the first possible residents of Mars are currently being carried out. Do you think you could be among them?

First of all, do you want to fly to Mars?

No. I like it more on Earth


Well, I'm not against

You'll have to work on Mars hard. How are things going with your physical fitness?

Not bad. Sometimes I can go for a run or visit a gym, but I don’t intentionally look after it

I don't take care of it

I always work out and keep healthy lifestyle, I try to keep myself in the better shape

Scientific knowledge is important on Mars. Will you be able to handle complicated engineering, physics, chemistry, and other science?

If I take pains – I’ll be able to understand, although I won’t probably get all straight A’s

Yes, I easily solve different problems, I like to learn something new

No, exact sciences have been never my advantage

An international group speaking English will leave to Mars. Can you understand some English?


I speak English a little, I remember some things from school, maybe I can tell the way to some place

Yes, captain!

Do you prefer to work in a team or on your own?

I'm a team player

Only alone, I don't like to rely on others

No preferences

The travel, both flight and staying on the red planet, will be accompanied by high stress. Are you stress-resistant enough?

Severe stress can take a negative effect on me, but I try to deal with all irritants

No, I sink into apathy from the slightest irritant

Yes, it's hard to throw me off my stride

Not everything will be done on the first try or won’t be done at all. What’s your attitude to failures?

Failure is a result too, and you need to aim for its improvement and not be upset because of what happened

They upset me, but I can stand several failures

 I hate when I fail to do something!!!

In unknown surroundings, unknown circumstances may appear. How do you behave in emergency situations?

I'm in a flap and don't know what to do

I can organize myself but external pressure can influence my behavior

Stay calm and even help others

No one knows what is exactly waiting for us on another planet! Would you like to encounter extraterrestrial life?

Certainly! It would be interesting to exchange our experience, and if anything goes wrong I can defend myself!

I hope, they don't look nasty

No, the only idea of other life except terrestrial one scares me. Anything can happen

Probably, the first colony has to stay on Mars for life. Are you ready to leave everything for the global goal’s sake?

Hardly anything holds me on earth, so, yes

I’d like to have the opportunity to see my family, I need to think about it

No, I have job, studies, friends – I still have a lot of things to do on earth!

The colonization of unexplored lands is clearly not your perfect job

Probably, you want to be among the first people who will step their foot on the red planet, but it's better to sit out on earth, in addition, you feel safer here :)

Probably, Mars is waiting for you, but you should put the final solution on hold!

You're a person Elon Musk is looking for!

Yes, you're a perfect candidate! If only you didn't gas up your CV :) Make sure to submit documents to SpaceX, and let's go!