What Type Of Mermaid Are You?

What Type Of Mermaid Are You?
Have you ever wondered what sea beauty you would become? It's not so easy to decide because we don't know a lot about mermaids. They're incredibly beautiful with striking tails, and often described as evil and cunning in lore. Find out if you would be one of these beautiful creatures with our quiz!

Choose a house you'd like to live in

On the riverside

By the sea

On the oceanside

What would be the best compliment for you?

To hear that I'm nice and kind

When someone says that she/he cherishes our relationship

If someone says that I've got a mystery, I intrigue

If you appear in a new company, is it easy for you to make friends?

No, I struggle to trust strange people

Yes, I'm very outgoing and open

It depends whether I want to talk to them

If you were a mermaid, where would you spend the most time?

I'd live onshore, it's more interesting there

I'd get a kick out of the depth

I'd visit friends both onshore and in the water

If you notice that a person is lost, what would you do?

First, I'll size up a situation. If I like the stranger, I'll help

I'll come up and offer my help, won't you?

I'll play a part of a foreigner and pass by

Choose an emoji, which describes your mood best

You're meeting someone. To become your friend this person needs to…

Be open and outgoing

Well, that's unlikely!

To prove that he/she is really interested in hanging out with me

Even if you're an amazing mermaid, you still have some drawbacks. What's yours?

I'm helping with advice even if I'm not asked to

I am not too friendly, may seem haughty and cold-hearted

I lose patience right off the bat

What is the most important thing?

Your well-being is the most important thing in life

Being honest against the odds

Being loyal and faithful

If you could try an unusual hobby, it would be…

Umph...maybe archery?

A self-defense class, it'll be useful

I want to become good at doing something with my hands

Choose the most attractive character


Berehynias are kind spirits guarding people against evil powers and saving little kids who accidentally fall into the water. Forecasting the future is also the ability of Berehynias. They live on the riverside and help anyone who needs their help. Berehynias doesn't do any harm, on the contrary, they can always protect their guest. You resemble this mermaid - the same sympathetic girl with a heart of gold. Tell your gals about this test. Which mermaids they can be?


Undines are beautiful girls sometimes with fish tails who come out of the water and comb their hair luring travelers into the depths with their beauty and songs. They don't do any harm until a guest intrudes upon their territory. Only then undines entice him away. These mermaids won't help one and all since one needs to find a flower of fern to win their trust. Just like you - you're always tender and kind but only to close ones. Tell your gals about this test. Which mermaids they can be?


In the Middle Ages, the creatures looking like a bird, a fish and a beautiful girl at the same time were called sirens. They were believed to be the cause of shipwrecks since they charmed sailors with their marvelous songs and the former wandered off the course sending their ships right to the cliffs. That's why one shouldn't mess with this mermaid, she has a blusterous character, which may be the reason for unpleasant situations. Tell your gals about this test. Which mermaids they can be?