How Did I Die in Your Past Life?

How Did I Die in Your Past Life?
Have you ever wondered about it? It's not that easy to find the right answer on your own. However, our past lives remain in memories hidden deep inside. With the help of this quiz, you can find out what went wrong in your past life!

What event would you surely take part in?

Conquering Everest

The public reading of my book

Orator contest

Crazy party

Suppose you've money to burn. But you need to spend some. What will you do?

I'll go on a round-the-world trip

I have no problems with that. I'll make the money fly

I'll create an award

I'll invest in the city development

Which of these movies could you star in?

The Martian

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Hangover


What could be the job of your dreams?

An aviator-experimenter

A professional playboy

An author of scientific treatises

A city mayor

Recall your childhood. Who were you at the children's camp?

A kid who brought forbidden products

The most obedient and diligent kid

A little explorer who they found on a tree

A disco star

You meet someone but in 3 minutes don't want to continue the talk. What could happen?

I can tell that the person is boneless

He's too good, this is boring

The person is afraid. I don't like cowards

He's irresponsible, this strikes the eye

What should you be really afraid of in this life?

Spending your life quietly and lowly

Doing nothing important and valuable

Not seeing the beauty of the world

Wasting your time for nothing

What is your motto to live by?

You need to try everything while you're alive

Strong people move the world

It's better to be weird than boring

With time and patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin

What photo would you hang on the wall for inspiration?

Life without risk and passion is tasteless. Do you agree?


In your past life, you were a total thrill-seeker - you conquered the peaks of mountains, swum across the ocean, and lived in a desert. Unfortunately, these adventures have their price. There was an accident during one of your trips. Today it's hard to say for sure whether it was avalanche or volcanic explosion. But we know one thing - newspapers wrote about you and your deeds! Share this quiz with friends. Let's find out their story!

A sacrifice to gods

You were a perfect person - noble, honest, with no vices. Long ago, these people were sacrificed to gods as a token of special respect. So, you suffered the same fate. It was a great honor and inspired respect in contemporaries. There's another advantage - the year was very fertile! Share this quiz with friends. Let's find out their story!

You suffered for sorcery

You led quite a merry, careless life. There's nothing wrong with that, but it happened in the Middle Ages, when contemporaries were scared of this behavior. In order to prevent something bad, it was decided to get rid of you. And burning at the stake was the most fitting way possible in those days. On the plus side, you inherited developed intuition and prophetic dreams! Share this quiz with friends. Let's find out their story!

The leader of the rebellion

You're a natural leader. You had the same qualities in the past life. You were dissatisfied with what was happening and you decided to change the world with all passion you were famous for. You managed to stir up a rebellion, won a few fights, one of which was the last. But you remained as a head and leader of the justice movement in the mind of contemporaries. Share this quiz with friends. Let's find out their story!