How well do you know Gravity Falls?

Lada Khramova
How well do you know Gravity Falls?
Gravity Falls is animated series that has millions of fans across the globe. The Pines Twins have to face different paranormal activities, and each episode has hidden clues and messages that help fans understand the series. Have you already watched it? Let's test your knowledge!

Alex Hirsch, the creator of the TV show, has invented Gravity Falls universe. It has no connections with real life

The truth is: Gravity Falls is a biographical TV show. Alex Hirsch, the creator of the TV show, has a twin sister (just like his main character). Her name is Ariel. They spent plenty of time together as kids, and these memories became the basis of the story. Alex wanted to show the understanding he and his sister had. Seems like he succeeded!

Fans can notice a word 'Piedmont' on the TV show. What do you think it means?

You can see this word on Dipper's bag at the very beginning. It's a name of the place where Gravity Falls creator was born

It's a name of creator's father

It's a name of the dog that Alex Hirsch had as a kid

It's a name of the town where the creator was born

It means nothing, just a random word

Pacifica, one of the main characters, was based on...

Arrogant and selfish Pacifica, aka the most popular girl in Gravity Falls, was inspired by Alex Hirsch's ex-girlfriend.

Alex Hirsch's ex

Alex Hirsch's sister

Alex Hirsch's mother

It's just fictional character

According to Alex Hirsch, which character is the most beautiful?

According to the creator, the image of this girl was based on several good people. Alex Hirsch called Wendy the most beautiful girl in Gravity Falls




Grunkle Stan

Why does Pitt Cola, the most popular soft drink in Gravity Falls, have such a name?

Pitt Cola is a drink that appears in each episode of the TV show. It was named after Joe Pitt, one of the directors of this show

It sounds cool and easy to remember

After Hirsch's best friend

After one of the show's directors

It's a name of a cafe where Alex Hirsch got the idea of his TV show

What served as the inspiration for the crew?

A road trip to abandon towns

The mystery stories the crew was reading

The crew was talking to actual witnesses of paranormal activities

They talked to their families

Alex Hirsch voiced several characters. Is it true?

Grunkle Stan, Bill Cipher, Soos, and other characters in American version of the TV show were voiced by Alex Hirsch

What's the meaning of the numbers and letters in the end credits?

In the end credits of each episode we can see a strange combination of letters and numbers that look like nonsense. However, it's not that simple! These letters and numbers are cryptograms. Once decoded, they read phrases related to the previous (of next) episode.

Just a combination of random symbols

It's 'thank you' cryptograms for the crew

It's a reference to the next episode

It's the end credits

How is Grunkle Stan related to the twins?

Despite being egoistic and grumpy, Stanley adores the twins and takes care of them. However, most of the show we see him entertaining tourists and selling souvenirs. Stan is a secretive person. His character is based on Alex and Ariel's grandpa. Stan is the twins' great uncle whom they call uncle

Their uncle

A friend of family

Their mother's cousin

Their great uncle

How did Alex Hirsch come up with the idea of the show?

As it's well-known, this famous animated series were created as a university project. First, Alex Hirsch designed the concept of the show and made a 20-minutes episode. Later Disney offered Alex to pitch his idea.

It was a bet with a friend

It was his university project

He was bored during his illness

His father prompted him the idea

Gravity Falls citizen

You know every single detail about Gravity Falls. Seems like you were creating the plot and the characters together with Alex Hirsch. It's hard to surprise you with any new facts. You can solve any puzzle on the show in split seconds. This is the result to be proud of! The fans will approve! Share this test with your friends. Will they succeed?

A fan of mystery

You definitely like Gravity Falls. You have seen some episodes, know the main storyline and the behavior of the characters. However, there are still many facts that can surprise you. Moreover, you aren't able to solve the puzzles hidden on the show quickly. Your result is still great! The fans will approve! Share this test with your friends. Will they succeed?

Gravity Falls tourist

How come you never heard of this TV show? You've missed a lot! However, we are a bit jealous. You have so much mystery and a lot of puzzles ahead, so many new episodes and interesting character! Start watching it right now! And share this test with your friends! Will they succeed?