Are you a critical thinker? The Quiz will find out!

Are you a critical thinker? The Quiz will find out!
Some situations require us to use our skills of critical thinking. It's an ability to question the reliability of the information we get and to challenge arguments and judgments without following them blindly. Let's find out if you can reason logically!

Your boss is in a good mood today. He decides to increase your salary by 10%. He will be in a bad mood tomorrow and decrease it by 10%. Are you losing money after it?

Let's suppose you get $100,000. Decreasing this sum by 10% we get: 100,000 + 10,000 = 110,000. If we deduct 10% from the new salary, we get: 110,000 - 11,000 = 99,000.

No, I get back to my previous salary

No, I even get more

Yes, I lose a bit

Yes, I lose a lot

Your friend is accusing her boyfriend in cheating and lies. She says 'When someone is hiding, it means he has something to hide. And he definitely has something to hide'. Sounds convincing?

If a person has something to hide, it doesn't mean that he has to hide himself. Your friend is confusing correlation with causation. An argument of such a kind might lead to false conclusions, even if there are true premises.

Of course! How can she be wrong?

Yes, I see logic in her statement

No, she's just way too emotional

No, her conclusion doesn't follow from the premises

People with critical thinking can easily tell facts from opinions. Choose a fact among the sentences below:

We can verify the credibility of one sentence here: about 'Parasite' winning the Academy Awards. All other sentences are subjective opinions.

Scarlett Johansson looks like young DiCaprio

Parasite' movie beat out everyone by winning the biggest amount of the Oscars

Game of Thrones is the best TV show in the 21st century

Young people like Billie Eilish, but the older generation doesn't understand her

Johnny Depp is a victim of violence, and he can prove it in court

One of these deductive arguments is invalid. Find it:

A deductive argument can not be built on false information (pink color doesn't suit all blondes, birds have way less legs), but it becomes invalid only when the premises are false. We can see it in the second sentence. 'Every car has wheels' doesn't equal to 'Everything that has wheels is a car'. Scooter has wheels too.

Pink color suits all blondes. Kate is blonde. Therefore, pink color suits Kate

Every car has wheels. Mercedes has wheels. Therefore, Mercedes is a car

Lemonade isn't sold in glasses. Water is sold in glasses. Therefore, water is not a lemonade

Every bird has four legs. Horse is a bird. Therefore, horse has four legs

Which sentence contains a logical mistake?

A person with critical thinking will definitely ask the question: why compare arthropod species with primates? Their biological evolutions are different. Moreover, female primate never thinks of her partner as of food.

Body cream gives water to our skin, just like rain gives water to soil

Female spiders eat their male partners, just like women consider men to be their source of nourishment

Sun is shining in the sky, just like a smile is shining on the face

A flower doesn't care if anyone admires it, just like an artist doesn't wait for audience's approval

You're going to the bar with your friends. Suddenly, they changed their minds and decided to go to Las Vegas. You're unhappy. Why?

The famous stage of denial when hearing bad news wasn't taken out of thin air. The thing is: a person tends to be stressed when he feels like losing control over situation. Most people cling to this stress; they become sulky, start to be rude or sad. A person with critical thinking is able to analyze these momentary feelings and control them. In such a situation, he will pause and ponder before protesting.

Because I want to go to the bar, not Las Vegas

Because they made this decision without me

Because I don't like when plans change

Because it's normal to be tense when hearing an unexpected offer

Your neighbor has two states: he either speaks loudly, or snores. He might speak and snore at the same time. What sentence is related to your neighbor?

First two sentences are 100% invalid, because there's different information in the premises. Third and fourth sentences could be valid, but there's no enough information to know for sure.

It's impossible for him to not snore

It's impossible for him to not talk loudly

It's impossible for him to not snore and not talk at the same time

He starts snoring in the middle of conversation


Now, try to tell fact from opinion. What is fact here?

At all times' is the only phrase that is used in a valid deductive agreement. Other phrases are just opinions of the situation or event.

Literacy was a mark of success at all times

We have to acknowledge that Mt. Elbrus is the highest mountain

Inflation indexes are actively increasing

Nowadays, the economy is in recession

Your friend wants to try new pills with questionable components. What will you do?

Critical thinking doesn't mean you need to criticize people and their actions. First of all, it's an ability to ponder the information and to compare it with the amount of known data. It also includes an understanding of the fact that our own life experience is unique and might not be suitable for the others.

I will explain him that he doesn't need vitamins and shouldn't waste his money on them

I won't be meddling. Besides, I'm not good at chemistry and biology

I'll just wish him luck with health improvement

You're looking for a new book. What information will help you to choose?

Reliable statistics are the best basis for any prognosis.

A huge amount of positive reviews

Statistics that show this book might be interesting for people of my age

My favorite actor was recommending it

My neighbor had this book

Absolute credulity

You have a tendency to believe any facts or information that you see. You take everything that was said or promised for granted without asking for proof or assurance. If you're kind-hearted, open-minded and have awareness of behavioral risks, there's nothing bad about it! However, total lack of critical thinking might be an indication of childishness and infantilism. Did you like this test? Share it with your friends!

I think, therefore I am

You have a tendency to believe facts and information that you see. However, you verify their credibility first. You aren't able to take everything said and promised for granted without asking for proof or assurance. It's a very useful trait in the world where information in spread with a speed of light without any verification. Well done! Did you like our test? Share it with your friends!

Doubt everything

You never believe any facts or information that you see without proper verification. You aren't able to take everything that's said and promised for granted without any proof or assurance. It's a very useful trait in the world where information is spreading with a speed of light without any fact-checking! However, if you keep doubting everything, you might become anxious, suspicious and dubious. Did you like out test? Share it with your friends!