Data Protection/Data Privacy Day Quiz

Data Protection/Data Privacy Day Quiz

Santa Pakalna
Happy Data Privacy Day! For the sake of geeking out and with absolutely zero scientific background whatsoever, we have created a short Data Privacy quiz. Take it now and see what type of Data Privacy fruit you are! P.S.  If you're not sure about your data protection knowledge or are keen to find out more - check-in with our GDPR gurus!

What password would you choose?


Pet`s name

Date of birth

High school nickname

Where do you keep your password?

Remember it

Put it on the sticky note on your desk

Don’t use a password

Have the same password for everything, so you don’t have to remember it

There is a ton of information breach risks at your workplace. Choose one of them from the example below:

There is a folder named “TOP SECRET. BURN AFTER READING” left in the printer room

You have decided to take a well-deserved coffee break with your favorite colleague and left your computer unlocked

You have received an unexpected email with the subject “Pictures of cute kittens” sent from

Your workplace is a secure environment and you don’t have to worry about data breach risks

Finish the first principle of data protection: Data must be…

Sold to your company’s rivals, as it is a great source of income

Shared with your friends and family. Sharing is caring

Fairly, lawfully and transparently processed

Kept in secret at all times

What does GDPR stand for:

General Data Protection Regulation

Gotta Do Proper Reading

General Dental Practice Renewal

Great Depression Problems Returning

What might be the consequences of not complying with data protection policies?

Your parents will get angry

What policies?

You will get arrested

Your organization will get disgustingly large fines

How can you prevent risks at your workplace?

Clear your desk once in a while

Stop coming to work

Share your password with the colleague you trust so you don’t forget it

Postprint screens from your work compute in your IG stories so that everyone sees how productive you are

Oh my dear, Pear

It seems that you have never heard of data protection in your life.

Clueless Mango

Your knowledge of GDPR is as soft and leaky as a ripe mango. On the positive note – you’re sweet!

Cunning Raspberry

Good job! Looks like you’ve done some homework! With a bit of sugar and grinding, you will make GDPR your JAM.

Secure Coconut

Congratulations! Your knowledge of GDPR is as strong as coconut shell – 100% data breach-proof.