Why Can't I Sleep? Find Out With This Quick Quiz

Why Can't I Sleep? Find Out With This Quick Quiz
Can't fall asleep and feel tiredness and drowsiness in the morning? You might suffer from some type of sleep disorder. This can be a serious problem, as lack of sleep influences your everyday life hurting your abilities and health. Instead of counting sheep take this quiz that will tell you about some problems!

How do you usually spend your evenings?

I recollect all the events that had happened during the day. Including negative ones.

I eat much to get rid of the stress caused by hard working day

I try to soothe a headache after the working day

I go to bed without any problems but wake up and do something in the middle of the night

Do you often fall asleep with the TV switched on or a book opened?

Do you feel tiredness even after 8-10-hour sleep?

Yes, together with weakness and headache

No, it doesn't happen

Yes, from time to time

I can't remember when I had 8-hour sleep last time

Are there any vivid and nasty dreams?

Were recently there anything that could significantly influence your psyche?

Yes, I had severe stress

No, everything is fine but I nevertheless can't sleep

Scary horror movie on TV

No, nothing like that - I just wake up in the middle of the night

What exactly is bothering you?

I can't fall asleep for a long time scrolling through the thoughts in my head

I can't fall asleep, everything flashes before my eyes

I sleep badly, as periodically there are headaches, nausea

I fall asleep normally, but wake up in the middle of the night

Is there anything else bothering you? For example, heartburn or indigestion

How many hours did your yesterday's sleep last?

Several hours

Sleep did not come for a long time, but then I managed to sleep it off

Around 8 hours but I sleep intermittently

Around 8 hours, however, it is quite wakeful and feeble sleep

What does prevent you from staying active during the day?

Severe stress

Tiredness after the sleepless night

Sensation of pain

Lack of day routine

Any other symptoms?

I roll over in the bed before I fall asleep

I feel anxiety

I feel sick in the morning

I often have nightmares

Adaptive insomnia

This type of insomnia is caused by acute stress for the psyche or body: for example, changing time zones. Negative emotions received during the day can also provoke its appearance. Remember if there was anything in the last few days that could have affected your nervous system a lot. In this case, only time and your desire to normalize the routine will help.

Violation of sleep hygiene

This type of insomnia occurs when you do not pay proper attention to what accompanies sleep. For example, you do not comply with the regime - go to bed at nine in the evening, then at five in the morning. Or have a hearty dinner at night. All these can affect your body, preventing it from resting. The only solution, in this case, will be your desire to establish a daily routine and monitor its implementation.

Organic insomnia

Such insomnia can be caused by organic diseases of internal organs, and sometimes - by genetic family insomnia or other similar pathologies. This also includes insomnia caused by other symptoms not directly related to sleep: heartburn, nausea, headache. In this case, you need to treat not insomnia itself, but try to find the root of the problems and influence the prime cause.


Parasomnia, or disruptive sleep, is associated with engaging in inappropriate actions during sleep, such as sleepwalking or responding to night terrors. Despite the difference in the manifestations and causes of these disorders, in all cases, they are associated with a violation of the regulation of sleep by the nervous system. To solve this problem, you can use medicines, behavioral therapy or try to change your lifestyle.