Quiz: Do You Have Adult ADD/ADHD?

Quiz: Do You Have Adult ADD/ADHD?
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often presents in childhood and is categorized by problems with attention focus, hyperactivity, and incontrollable impulsivity. Take our quiz to find out whether you have a propensity for hyperactivity and understand how to manage it.

The teacher explains a new task. Your actions...

I'll attentively listen and proceed with the task

I'll listen to what is going on outside the window

I'll start doing the task without much attention to details

If mom charges me with a task I need to do after school, when it's necessary to start it, I...

I'll remember about the task but put it off till later

I'll do the task without fail

I may forget about it

Someone suggests trying alcohol in the company of friends, your actions.

I'll say no

It will depend on my mood

I'll try without a second thought

Classmates discuss how they spent the weekend, your reaction.

I'll interrupt one of them with a story that happened with me

Having listened to the speaking person, I’ll tell about my weekend

I'll just listen to everyone

Is your behavior an often cause of quarrels in the family?

Conflicts are rare in my family

Yes, my behavior often results in conflicts

I don't believe that I'm the originator of conflicts

Can you call yourself an absent-minded person?

Do you plan your day and always get the planned job done?

I rarely don't carry out my plans

I always plan and carry out my plans on time

I never make plans

Is it easy to hurt you?

I can take offense but always try to analyze the situation

I always take offense at a negative opinion

People can easily hurt me but I don't have a grudge for long

Can you wander around the city for a long time?

I like walking in the company of friends

It often happens

It never happens

How often do you fly off the handle on a scale from 1 to 10?

You have no ADHD

Your result indicates that your mental development is fine. All the areas of your personality develop at a proper level and correspond to age requirements. Your attention is well-developed, you succeed in studies, your consciousness and self-esteem are adequate. You're sociable and open to people around, feel great in society and collective. You adequately perceive criticism and you hardly have conflicts with parents. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends have ADHD symptoms.

You have some signs of ADHD

Your result indicates an average level of impulsivity and attention deficit. ADHD is demonstrated through the disorder of attention but without hyperactivity. You're a true dreamer and often laze away. People sometimes believe that you're listening to while you have other things on your mind. Your academic progress is poor, you easily get distracted. To correct this situation you need to visit a neurologist and a psychologist. Prescribed treatment and compliance with regimen will help to pass this stage. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends have ADHD symptoms.

Chances are that you have ADHD

It's painfully apparent that you likely have combined ADHD with the demonstration of all three signs of the syndrome (attention deficit, impulsivity, hyperactivity). You don't focus on details and, as a result, often make mistakes. You don't follow instructions and don't plan your routine. You're forgetful, often annoyed, get into trouble ever and again. In the future, it will be very hard for you since all generally accepted rules and norms of behavior will seem something wrong to you. That's why this behavior requires immediate correction and a psychologist's work. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your friends have ADHD symptoms.