The Quick and Easy Asperger's Test

The Quick and Easy Asperger's Test
Asperger's syndrome is a disorder characterized by problems with social communication, perception of the world around, and a recurrent set of interests and occupations. Answer the questions and find out whether you have the signs of this disorder. This test does not replace a medical diagnosis.

Do you gesture when talking?

Yes, it comes naturally

It depends

Scarcely ever, why should I?

You often cannot understand why another person is sad or upset.

Are you interested in how other people are going and willingly tell about yourself when you're asked to?

Yes, I'm interested in other people and they are interested in me

I often do it as a courtesy

Not at all

Assess your love for a certain order of things and rules.

Is a sudden change of plans a disaster for you?

Not at all


Do you easily understand metaphors, puns?

Yes, and use them in my speech

Not always

Hardly ever

Do you have friends?



If someone brings up a nice but pointless talk, how will you react?

You are often said that your speech is weird or unclear.

Assess how much are common decencies and etiquette important to you.

Do you have a passion, hobby, which you can do endlessly and think only about it?

That's hardly about me

Sometimes I can be carried away

Yes, I'm very passionate about what I'm doing

Assess your sensitivity to touches, harsh sounds, light.

Is it hard for you to ride a bicycle, dance, swim?


If you dislike someone, you sharply end the talk and/or turn away and leave.

Can you pretend or play a part?

Of course

It's hard for me

Of course

Do you understand that you are very different from other people?


Most likely, you don't suffer from Asperger's syndrome

Your social and communicative skills are up to the mark that's why you are hardly prone to this disease! Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

You're a deep introvert

You unlikely have Asperger's syndrome but you have some problems in social interaction. You're introspective and like to plunge into yourself. If your social skills bother you, a psychotherapist's consultation can help you. Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

Probably, you have some symptoms

Based on your answers, you are somewhat prone to this disorder and some signs answer the description of your behavior. In any case, Asperger's syndrome is not a sentence and people with this disorder can succeed and often appear to be true creators. If your behavior bothers you, a psychotherapist's consultation can help to understand yourself better. Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too ;)