Do You Have What it Takes to be a Teacher?

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Teacher?
Being a teacher is not just a job, it's a mission. Find out if you have the skills here!

If you were a teacher, what would you change in schools?

Abolish school grades

Abolish hometasks

Focus not only on new knowledge but also on moral aspects

When you see a kid, you:

Leave the place

I notice their clothes. If the clothes is not good for the season, I tell the parents about this.

I watch them. It's interesting.

What would be your attitude to A students in your class?

Terrible, they are just showing off but don't do anything

Pay attention to them, they always helps

My attitude would be the same to excellent students and low grade students

If all your students skipped the class, what would you do?

Give them an F

Report to the principal

Find out the reason and explain what may be the consequences next time

What statement relates to you?

"Children are more attentive when you are talking not to them"

"Children are the flowers of life"

"Happy parents have happy children"

Are you a disciplined person?

No, it's hard for me to self-organize


Yes, it's about me

If someone spoke rudely to you, what would you do?

I would speak even more rudely in return

I would say nothing

I would smile and say somethingfunny. it disarms rude people

What would you do if you saw your students fighting?

Scold everyone

Run for the help

I would break up and have an individual conversation with everyone

Would you stay at school after the classes to help the students with low grades?


Yes, If I got paid for it

Yes, if I were interested in my students' success

You witnessed a mom who was very rude with her child. What will you do?

Support her, there's no need to be fooling around

Nothing. She is the mom

If it's unsafe for the child, I'll make an attempt to talk to the mother

Will you demand that your students wear uniforms?

No, I wear casual clothes myself

Yes, I will be strict about that

Yes, but I'll try give several options of the uniform

There's a competition for gifted students in your school. Will you ask your students to participate?

No, it's up to them

Yes, I would think of some activity for the whole class

I'd discuss it with the students and we would make something they like

What present from the students would you enjoy?


New books and textbooks

A song about you

Two students got lost during the excursion. What will you do?

Blame the rest that they did not keep an eye

Cry and call the police

Leave the other students with a guide and search the lost students

Who do you think is responsible for the results of the education system?



Students, parents and teachers

What's important in the studying process?




It is not your job

It is not enough to want to be a teacher. You may become a teacher if you try to change your opinions and attitudes. Anyway, there are many other jobs that may be good for you! Share the results of the test to know which of your friends may become a good teacher!

Why not!

You have many traits to become quite a good teacher but you don't understand some teaching aspects yet. Learn more and you will succeed! Share the results of the test and answer these questions when you graduate a pedagogical university!)

You have a talent!

We are sure - your students will never get bored in your classes! You will be a successful teacher! Share the results of the test, maybe some of your friends hide their abilities?