Does He Like You? (Quiz for Girls)

Does He Like You? (Quiz for Girls)
Loves me? Loves me not... Loves me? Stop guessing! It's time to find out what he actually thinks about you! Take this quiz and everything will fall into place. Good luck!

Do you text/call him?

Yes, every day

Hum... very seldom and as necessary or not at all

A couple times a week

One-two times a month

Does he know about your existence?

Yes, but I'm not sure

We know each other

Yes, we became friends

Of course! We're quite close

When he sees you what emotion is on his face? What does he feel in your opinion?

This one...

Nothing changes

With no emotions, but I feel he’s affected

Smiles and he is embarrassed a little bit

Did you kiss?

1 time

Yes, many times

Only in my dreams

He tried to kiss me

Who does start a dialogue/texting?

It's always me


Definitely he

He contacts if he needs something

How does he behave when talking to you?

He looks into my eyes most of the time, an open pose. Behaves amicably

Doesn’t look at me at all and tries to end the talk

He’s checking me out, tries to come close, to give a touch

Sometimes his eyes linger on me but he stands aback from me

Does he give you something?

Yes, many times


Flowers, 1-2 times

I don't think that he had such ideas

Does he compliment you?

Often. He's so cute!


Probably, yes

This is me who compliments him

Does he date someone?

He has a girlfriend, and not me

He has a girlfriend, it's me


I don't know

If you invite him to some place, what would he answer?

Why should I invite him, if he invites me?

Probably, he would be at a loss

Definitely no

I don’t know, but there’s a chance we won’t be against it

What are you usually chatting about?


We don't talk

About everything!

Abstract subject, and sometimes we flirt

Is he honest with you in your opinion?

Yes, he completely trusts me

I cannot be sure, but yes – at some moments

I don’t think so… Sometimes he confuses his answers

I have nothing to say because we don’t talk much

Does he like you? Yes, certainly!

It seems he got into hot water in real earnest because he's thinking about you all the time. You have a warm connection, which you both constantly feel. Be positive about him, he's already yours. Try to protect your feelings and do not be nervous over trifles.

Everything is better than you may think

Doubts about him do not leave you. It seems he may care for you. Now you have no such close relationship as you would want, but there's chemistry between you and you can make it stronger. You get him interested, do not go overboard, keep it real and just go with the stream.

Hm... you should think twice

It seems he's not a person who could make you happy at this time. All in good time. If it's in the cards, in some time your dreams about him will come true. However, right now it's better to look at someone else who is thinking about you with the same awe.

Everything is complicated

Probably, you repeatedly asked yourself, "Why is he so cold to me although everything was fine yesterday?". It seems he's confusing his feelings for you. Or you just take simple politeness for favours? Take a close look at how he's acting with other girls. The difference to one or other side will be the answer.