Does She Like You? (Quiz for Boys)

Does She Like You? (Quiz for Boys)
Why are some relationships so complicated and irrational? Sometimes the head and heart have a heated debate or say nothing at all. Take this quiz and we'll help you uncover what your significant other thinks of you!

Let's start from an easy one. How much do you like her?

I'm in love

I like her, but I'm not in love

Hm... I'm confused

You enter a cafe and see her there. Your reaction?

I’m not here. I’m not here. I’m not here.

I’ll come to her and start talking

I’ll try to do everything to go unnoticed

Who does start talks/texting first?


More often, she


Stop... are you talking to each other?

Well... No

Yes, sometimes

Quite often

Did you notice that she fixes her hair or somehow preens her feathers when she sees you?

Yes, it happened


I saw that but I don't sure that I'm the reason

Did you have a date?

Of course and not one

Not yet, but will be

Well, sometimes we see each other in a group of friends, but that’s all

Does she like you in your opinion?

Have a suspicion that yes

90% no

I don't know, she behaves differently

When you are texting does she answer you with emojis?

She answers in detail and with emojis

She’s quite brief. Good that she even answers

Why? I should text with her? It is necessary?

Does she smile when you're talking?

Yes, and sometimes blushes

It's rather a social smile, but it's a smile after all


What do you think, can you become the boyfriend she dreams about?

It's really me

I''ll do my best

I'm not sure that I need it

Does she suspect that you like her?

Yes, I repeteadly expressed my affection

No, I hide my feelings

I'm not sure that she got me right

Does she share her problems or secrets with you?

I don't know about her problems or secrets

She always seeks for my support

I feel that she could share with me after some time

It seems she's crazy in love with you!

Hey! Give me five! Congrats, everything says that you won her heart. She doesn't pretend to be a touch-me-not and expresses her feelings more easily. You relationship grows strong day by day. Keep it up! Any fire should be regularly kept alive!

You have chances!

You reached her attention but you still haven't crossed some border between you. It's hard to say for sure why it doesn't happen. Maybe, you don't know each other quite well and all in good time, and maybe, she chooses the most deserving one from several claimants or she's not ready for a relationship because of her feelings. Try to understand the causes better and go ahead since you have every chance!

Think twice

Usually, girls softly reject guys leaving a tail of illusions behind themselves. She responses to your favours (if you didn't even try, make first steps and take the quiz again), but this looks like politeness. Of course, there are some girls you can take by force and win their heart as a real knight! Whether you should fight the dragon and climb the tower is up to you to decide. Or there are some other princesses?