Dog Body Language – Test Your Skills

Dog Body Language – Test Your Skills
To establish contact with your pet you need to understand what their mannerisms mean. Sadly, there's no universal dictionary to decipher all the signs since each dog is unique. However, it's possible to distinguish some things through signals about their mood, taste, and desires. Let's check how well you understand what your pet wants to say!

Look at this good boy. What does he want to say?

The position of the ears tells about many things. If an animal moves his ears back or flattens them against his head, he's scared.

He feels shy

He is ashamed

He's scared

He's hungry

If a dog reverts the eyes aside, what does it mean?

When a dog reverts the eyes aside, it means that he chooses the man as his owner and accepts his supremacy.

He shows his submission

He takes offense

He's interesting what is going on

He wants to walk

Is it true that dogs usually yawn when they're bored?

If a pet feels stress or awkwardness (meeting other animals or strangers may be the case), it will yawn or jerkily lick its muzzle. A human yawn can be contagious for a dog too.

Yes, that's true

No, there're many other reasons

How do you think, what does this expression mean?

When an animal starts frowning its muzzle and showing teeth, it's better to leave him alone. Any step toward the four-footed friend will be considered an attack, which may result in biting.

I'm angry, stay away!

Take me to the street

Let's play

I'm very tired

This cutie smiles because..

Universally known dog's smile cannot be mistakenly taken for some other mimics. It symbolizes the delight of the animal and its joyful mood.

He tries to beg something tasty

He's very happy

He wants to attract attention

He apologizes for his fault

When you notice this posture of your pet, this is an unmistakable sign of…

Pressing to the floor and wagging the tail demonstrate the desire to play. The dog presses the chest and the head to the floor stretching the forepaws forward. When the owner sees this posture, he/she can feel free and bring the ball and start playing.

The dog is tired and is stretching itself

The dog is tracking someone down

The dog is ready to attack

The dog is keen as mustard and wants to play

And what this touching does indicate?

When a dog wants to attract attention (if he wants to get food, invite a person to play, get petting), he delicately touches the person with his paw.

This is an expression of thanks

He tries to attract attention

The dog wants to encourage the owner when he's in a bad mood

The dog shows that he's angry and wants to hit

Tail off is a sure sign of shame

When a dog is scared, it lowers or gets its tail down. In this case, you need to take care of your pet and protect him/her


Not at all

If your pet turns on its back, it says…

If an animal turns on its back, it trusts the human

I want to play

I trust you completely

Rub my belly

I'm happy, don't distract me

When you hear a yawn and whining from the next room, it means that your dog...

If the owner hears this sound from his four-footed friends, it indicates that the dog is displeased with the situation. The longer the whining, the more dog displeased.

He wakes up

He's bored

Calls me

He's displeased

If your pet howls, what does it mean?

These sounds can be an attempt to find the owner or another dog. When the owner goes to work, the pet starts howling trying this way to bring him back home.

He's just happy to go outside

He's looking for someone

He wants to go home

He's hungry

Dog Language Interpreter

It seems you'll be the one who will make up the world's first dog-human phrase book. You're so good at looks, sounds and positions that no one movement will be missed. Probably, you already have a loyal four-footed friend. But if you don't, you do need it - you'll become the best owner for your pet! Share the quiz with friends, let's check whether they're ready to get a dog!

You know colloquial dog language

Congrats, a pretty good result! Taking into account how many possible looks, mimics and postures are in the dog's armoury, you cope with recognizing the major signals well. Probably, you already can get a dog, but to have the title of a perfect owner you have to read a couple of books and gain experience. Share the quiz with friends, let's check whether they're ready to get a dog!

You need a dog language coach

Most likely, you've started studying the dog language recently, that's why all these complex looks, postures and mimics trouble you. Sometimes you even cannot distinguish good mood from bad one, weariness from the desire to play. It's still too early for you to have a dog, but you may read a couple of books to gain knowledge or play with the animals of your friends as a practice. Share the quiz with friends, let's check whether they're ready to get a dog!