3-Minute Paranoid Personality Disorder Test

3-Minute Paranoid Personality Disorder Test
A paranoid personality disorder is one of the most common mental disorders. A person becomes obsessed, has irrational suspicions, sees the entire world as an enemy. This test can help to determine your levels of anxiety and obsession!

Have you ever had suspicious hallucinations?

Yes, I have seen something like that

Never. However, my dreams are very realistic sometimes


How do you behave when walking the streets in the evening?

I'm calm. People don't bother me

Creepy looking strangers might spook me

I'm trying to stay away from people, they scare me

How do you usually react to a compliment?

With a smile, I'm so flattered

That's definitely nice, but he probably needs something from me

Compliment is a way to worm to one's way into confidence. No one is making them without reasons

Are you comfortable with being at home alone?

No, I triple check if the door is locked. I close all curtains and never look out of the window

Might be spooky sometimes, but mostly I'm fine

Yes, I feel absolutely relaxed at home

Will you help a stranger who's asking you for something?

I will try

Depends on his behavior

No way! He probably wants something from me

How much do you trust your friends?

How do you react to advice?

Can you reconnect with a person after the fight?

Yes, it's possible

Only if he's truly sorry

No, I dis people who hurt my feelings

How do you react to criticism?

It makes room for personal growth, if it's grounded

It hurts me but I never show it

Any criticism hurts me

Are you capable of doing the same thing for a long time?

No, I lose interest quite quickly and don't want to do anything at all

I can if the task is important

I can spend hours doing something engrossing

Healthy distrust

You have no signs of paranoid personality disorder. Perhaps, you find it hard to trust people, but that's an adequate level of suspicion we show towards strangers. You aren't haunted by obsessive thoughts and ideas; there's nothing unusual in your behavior that can signal about mental disorders! Share this test with your friends! Let's find out truth about their mental state!

Moderate hostility

You have signs of paranoid personality disorder, but your behavior signals about initial stages of hostility and aggression. You rarely trust people and forgive offenses. However, this issue can be dealt with. All you need to do is to be a more open person! Share this test with your friends! Let's find out truth about their mental state

Full-blown paranoia

The signs of paranoid personality disorder are obvious! You have to do something about it! Finding the roots of such a mistrust is hard, but it's clearly turning into obsessive delusions of persecution and even into a mania. Share this test with your friends! Let's find out truth about their mental state