Schizophrenia Self-Screening Test

Schizophrenia Self-Screening Test
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder categorized by episodes of psychosis: disorganized thinking, hallucinations, and delusions. The early stages of this disorder have light symptoms, which is why the problem is hard to detect. This test will help you to find out if you have any signs of this disorder!

Do you realize that you suffer from mental disorders?

I don’t think that it’s that serious

I have some problems, but it’s not a big deal

Yes. It’s hard to deal with them alone

I don’t understand anything at all, my life is chaos

Do you have hallucinations or delusions?

Of course, not

No, never. However, it might happen

Yes, I have

Rarely. Besides, I have way bigger problems

Do you have tendency to mood swings?

It looks more like a constant bad mood

Yes. My mood changes often

No. My mood is always low

No, but I have apathy. I feel zero emotions

Have you noticed that recently you started to react slower and lost the ability to think clearly?

No. I feel fine

I don’t have such problems, but my worries might prevent me from focusing

I feel that I’m losing my abilities

My abilities aren’t the same as before. I feel like I’m degrading

Is it easy for you to communicate with friends and family members?

They are the only people who understand me

Only with limited amount of people

No. I become more and more reserved

We don’t understand each other. And I don’t feel like I want to

Can you state that your memory became worse?

No. My memory is fine

In general, no. However, I might forget about unimportant things

I forget a lot. It’s so hard to keep it all in the head

I can’t rely on my memory at all

How often do you notice that you’re talking to an imaginary person?

Can you laugh or become mad without reason?

When I’m tired, I easily lose my temper

It happens, but I can control it

It happens more and more often

I have no emotions at all

Do you always keep your promises?

If I promise something, I’ll keep my word

I try to keep them but might forget

I can think of an excuse and avoid keeping them

It’s better not to count on me. I don’t even remember what I was doing yesterday

Do you sometimes feel unexpected anxiety or fear?

Yes, if there’s a reason for that

Sometimes I have non-based worries about my career or personal life

I can sit still and then go and check if the door is locked, if the iron is off

I often think there’s a fire in the house or there are thieves inside

Emotional tension

There are no signs of any mental disorder in your case. You might’ve been feeling more stress and tension lately that made you irritable and not willing to communicate with people. However, it’s only a result of a big mental load. Try to remember, when was the last time you had a rest? What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!

First stage of schizophrenia

According to your answers, you have early signs of schizophrenia. You manage to keep the same efficiency, but are already affected by depression, aggression towards other people, increased anxiety, fears related to your personal life and a professional activity. It’s important to detect any illness on its primary stages. That’s why if you feel that these symptoms are bothering you, it’s better to consult a doctor! What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!

Second stage of schizophrenia

At the second stage of the disease you already realize that you have mental disorders. Such symptoms as full apathy or absence of emotional response to any situation, motor disabilities or even hallucinations, can indicate that you have mental problems. However, if consulting a doctor in advance, you will be able to control this disease and completely recover! What result will your friends get? Share this test to find out!

Third stage of schizophrenia

The third stage of schizophrenia means degradation and full dissociation of a personality. In this case a person loses an ability to control himself, which causes the appearance of prominent emotional and intellectual deviations. The main signs of this stage are disorientation in time and space, apathy and absence of will. The state of a person should be monitored by a specialist. What results will your friends get? Share this test to find out!