Eye Color Quiz

2019-10-15 17:54:51
Eye Color Quiz
Many things can tell about a person: the style of clothes, the manner of speaking, how he treats cats and what he has in his pockets. However, physiognomists believe that one can understand a person better by his or her eyes. Check yourself, what eye color reflects your character!

Your friends suggest playing a game. Which one do you prefer?





Assess how responsible you are

You are sociable and can get along with everybody

What is your strength?





And weakness?



Excessive emotionality


What is your relationship with the partner like?

We often fight but calm down as fast

We cannot be called a passionate couple

Everything is based on romanticism.

Calm almost friendly.

A car muddied you. What's your reaction?

I'll get angry and shout out something

I'll get angry but calm down soon

I'll burst into tears. These are my favorite jeans!

I'll quickly start scouring away the stains

Assess your diligence

Are you vindictive?

You are bottom-line.

Your spouse decided on his/her own where you'll go on the weekend. Your reaction?

What do you do in your spare time?

Going to the gym

Playing chess


Going to the theatre, exhibitions

Assess your determination

Do you easily fall in love?

What does set you apart from your colleagues / course mates?





Brown eyes

Like hazel-eyed people, you're very zippy. Most likely, you're persistent, confident but can be capricious. You easily get along with anybody. Brown-eyed people are typically smart but can be too straightforward. Share the result to let your followers check themselves too!

Grey eyes

Grey-eyed people are distinguished by determination, gravity, and thoughtfulness. These people like independence, down-to-earthiness, but sometimes are too jealous. They can seem dry but you can always rely on them. Share the result to let your followers check themselves too!

Blue eyes

Blue-eyed people are dreamers and idealists. Among them there are many people with artistic talent. Blue-eyed ones are distinguished by reserve and changeability but they are honest and generous. Share the result to let your followers check themselves too!

Green eyes

Green eyes would probably fit you. Green-eyed people were considered the owners of magical powers since the old days. Sometimes they are distinguished by pride and independence, but they are demanding to themselves and people around them. Share the result to let your followers check themselves too!