Hormone Imbalance In Women Quiz

Hormone Imbalance In Women Quiz
Hormones are amazing "creatures" living in our bodies. These are released into the blood can help a young mother lift a car to save her child underneath. They are responsible for any changes in our bodies. Take our quiz to find out whether everything is all right with your hormones.

Do often mood swings for no reason trouble you?

Do you often visit a gynecologist?

Quite often - something troubles me all the time

Regularly, just preventive measures

I make an appointment when it calls to my mind

How often do you cry when watching a sad movie on a scale from 1 to 10?

Does a head-ache often trouble you?

Your weight is subject to sudden changes

What do you feel after a heavy meal?


Fit of energy


How often do you experience stress on a scale from 1 to 10?

Sometimes you want to be born a man

You're going to a job interview in a new dress. Someone spills coffee on you right before you enter the business center. Your reaction?

Not a big deal, that can happen sometimes. I'll go to the interview and explain what has happened

I'll yell at the guilty person, call and postpone the interview

I'll burst into tears and go home

How often do you think about food, even if you aren't hungry?

All the time

That's not about me

Maybe about sweets

It's something wrong with your hormones

Your mood changes at a rate of knots, close ones cannot rub along you in the same space, almost no one can have a talk with you without fighting. These are just signs of hormonal imbalance, which you project on people around you. We don't think that you take advice to heart, but remember that if you’re drowning, you’re on your own. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how's it going with your friends' hormones.

You need to visit a doctor

It won't hurt visiting a gynecologist since there are slight changes in your endocrine profile. In the future, the changes can increase, and this involves implications. You are not really self-confident and not too decisive, but this doesn't keep you from getting on with your life. Don't be afraid of looking awkward, and save yourself from a bad mood by talking with bosom friends. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how's it going with your friends' hormones.

Everything is fine with your hormones

In general, everything is fine with your hormones, but you pay little attention to your health, and hormonal processes in the body are so foreign to you as another galaxy. But you can't act this way. Studies/work and washing can wait. To have no problems in the future, take time for yourself. Share this quiz on social media - let's see how's it going with your friends' hormones.