Test Your Financial Literacy

Test Your Financial Literacy
Financial literacy is a body of knowledge, skills, and settings in the field of a person's financial behavior. This is what helps you to feel more confident and calmer in the sea of financial storms. Let's check how well can you manage finances and plan a budget.

Do you aim to provide yourself with passive income?

What's this?

No, I don't need it

From time to time

Of course, this is an important source of income

Do you get cash-back or other bonuses from banks for made purchases?

Don't use bank cards

Don't know

Yes, bank employees told me something about it

Yes, indeed, I try to find the most profitable tariff

Do you have a "safety cushion"?

Yes, a three-litre can in the closet

What about money depreciation? No, this is not about me

I try to put money aside as much as possible

Of course, I got it all worked out – I’ll live at least three months using it

Suppose, you have a substantial sum of money, which you want to deposit in the bank. What currency will you choose?

Currency I spend money in

US dollar

I'll divide the sum into several deposits

Ask for bank employee's advice

Do you borrow money?

Yes, this is convenient

l really don't know any other way


No, never

Do you make a to-buy list before going to the supermarket?

What's the use? I don’t know what products are in the store today

No, I take what I like

I make it but I don't always follow it

Yes, all things are considered

Are you interested in discounts and promos?

No, there are no promos with a good product

No, it's only a waste time

I don’t check them intentionally, but if I see them I’ll use them

Yes, I track all promos

Do you read financial literature (theme-based sites and magazines)?

No, I read only newspapers

No, I read only fiction

I read financial books at university

Yes, Keynes' is my bed-side book

When did you invest funds last time?

Never, what a nonsense

Just once, it was long ago, I don't remember

1-2 years ago

Last week

Do you compare prices in different places before buying something?

No, I've never done it

There is no use, it's more important what you buy

I try to find different information

Of course, why should I pay more?

Do you record your income and expenses?


From time to time

I remember everything


Do you put aside a part of your income?

No, nothing stays with me for long

I put it aside for some time and then spend it

Yes, about 5 %

Yes, about 10-20 %

Suppose, you've gotten an unscheduled bonus. What would you choose from this list?

I will repay my debts

I will go to a restaurant

I will divide it on parts

I'll examine all options how to spend it best

Why do you need to keep a record of personal finances?

Out of boredom

To buy more

To coordinate your income and expenses

To increase your income

Do you lend money?

Of course, all the time

Yes, to colleagues and friends

Try not to

No, I don't want to spoil relationships with people and lose money

Live a day-to-day existence

No, financial planning is not for you. Doring, wearisome, and why do you need it when everything around changes so quickly! Enjoy your life and do not think about tomorrow - this is your motto! Let's check what result your friends will have. Show them this test and compare results!  

Money slips through your fingers

Planning and accounting personal finances? No, I didn't hear about it. You consider it a waste of time and a completely futile job. Perhaps, you should have a notebook to record expenditures? Let's check what result your friends will have. Show them this test and compare results!

Know how to handle money

You know the basic rules of private financial planning, and you properly relate your capacities to your needs. You shouldn't be satisfied with what has already been achieved. A little bit of economic theory and new opportunities of increasing your income will open to you. Let's check what result your friends will have. Show them this test and compare results!

Financial Expert

The ability to handle money is in your blood. Financial planning to you is a pleasant pastime, and excellent knowledge of the main rules in this field is the reliable basis for gaining significant wealth. Let's check what result your friends will have. Show them this test and compare results!