Great Depression Test | American History Quiz

Great Depression Test | American History Quiz
The Great Depression is one of the most important periods of modern US history. It started from the world crisis in 1929, which hurt the US most of all. However, its influence went beyond this country and affected the whole world. A lot of books and movies portrayed this time, but many factors remain unknown. Let's check how well you know this hard period! 

What did famous Chicago gangster Al Capone do during the Great Depression?

In the time of the Great Depression, Al Capone, a Chicago gangster, opened a free eating house to build public relations. These eating houses were the only source of food for many people.

He lent the government a large sum of money

He adopted five kids from dysfunctional families

He opened a free eating house for the poor

He moved to Canada and started a gambling business

Which of these ways of traveling was widespread in the years of the Great Depression?

Some people traveled on the top of train wagons since they couldn't pay passage. Celebrities also traveled this way - William O. Douglas (a member of US Supreme Court), Louis L'Amour - a novel author, Woody Guthrie - a singer. Experts counted that about 50000 people suffered an injury when jumping from and onto the train.

Going on the tops of train wagons


Sharing a car like UberPool

Attaching something on wheels to the car going ahead

Is it true that the newspapers, which people used as a blanket, were called Hoover blanket?

Those who lost their houses lived in accommodations called hoovervilles - shanty towns named after Herbert Hoover, the US President. The food which was given in free eating houses were called Hoover stew. Newspapers, which were used as blankets, were called Hoover blankets; hares, which people ate - Hoover hogs, and broken cars, which horses pulled – Hoover carts.



What cartoon did symbolize the life in the 30s?

Three little pigs, released on May 27, 1933 symbolized the Great Depression - the wolf was the image of the Depression, and the pigs - the image of common American citizens suffered from the disaster, but, having united, step-by-step succeeded.

Three little pigs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Mickey Mouse

Betty Boop cartoons

What way was the problem of unemployment solved in the US in the 30s?

The construction of famous buildings was completed in the Great Depression - the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, which provided a lot of jobs.

The system of social insurance was established

Those who worked more than 12 hours had the double wage rate

Large-scale construction projects were launched to give people jobs

People migrated to more developed and safe states

What did President Herbert Hoover say on the eve of the Great Depression?

In March 1930, Hoover announced that the worst is over, the economy recovers, however, it was the beginning of the Great Depression, which lasted till the start of WW2.

The worst is over, the economy recovers

There will be a crisis but it will be its light form

We have to tighten our belts

I'm so confident that there will be nothing serious that otherwise I'll submit resignation

What did the Americans do to get lost and distract from the problems?

The record number of Americans went to the movies every week - about 75 million people. King-Kong directed in 1933 by Merian Caldwell Cooper was the leading film. Such movies as The Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind also gained popularity.

They started gambling harder, thus aggravating the situation

They arranged dancing at their home

They visited pubs with cheap alcohol

They went to the movies to have a good time

What is the "Dust Bowl"?

Between 1935 and 1938, the millions of people left their houses in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma because of the Depression and a severe drought, which destroyed their lands and lives. This drought and accompanying dust storms are called the Dust Bowl.

This is a cheap eating house in New York where almost all workers ate

This is a home for the homeless

A series of dust storms, which worsened the condition of many states

New York was called this way because that time it was very dirty

How did the Americans entertain too under conditions of lack of money?

Currently popular game Monopoly appeared in 1935. It's believed the people's desire to have money at least in a game resulted in it

Played board games, in particular, Monopoly

Read a lot of books

Spent evenings with friends or at cheap eating houses

Made handcrafted items from needless newspapers and sold them

Where did the Americans go in search of a better life?

A high level of unemployment resulted in a mass migration of the population to other countries, including the USSR

Moved from state to state

Went to the Soviet Union

Went to well-doing Europe

Moved to the neighbouring countries - Canada, Mexico


It turns out that the Great Depression is not a mass psychic disorder but an economic crisis. You don't have a lot of knowledge on this topic, but instead, you have so many things to learn. This is a truly hard and complex period, people still argue about its reasons, that's why it's so interesting. Take a US history book and go ahead! And tell your friends about this quiz, let's check how well they know history!

Beginner economist

You know this period of history pretty well and you are good at economic too. At least, you can distinguish shares from obligations and describe the consequences of unemployment. But we've still managed to perplex you - you've failed to answer the hard questions. This is a truly hard and complex period, people still argue about its reasons, that's why it's so interesting. Take a US history book and go ahead! And tell your friends about this quiz, let's check how well they know history!

Candidate of historical sciences

We don't know whether you're so interested in US history or you have a thing for economics, but your result is impressive. You know everything about the Great Depression starting from numbers and statistics to interesting facts from the life of people. We'd like to recommend you some theme-based book, but you likely know everything. Could it be that your friends know history as well as you do? Tell them about this quiz, let's check it!