Quiz - Can we Guess Your Favorite Music Genre?

Quiz - Can we Guess Your Favorite Music Genre?
Tell us what music you listen to, and we will tell you who you are, as our preferences in music can tell a lot about our nature. Experts claim that our favorite music genre reflects our most prominent traits and qualities. Let's find out if they are right!

Weekend is coming, but all your friends already have other plans. What a bummer! What will you do?

I'll find something to do. Probably, will stay home

I'll go out in search of adventures

My gloomy mood and I will stay at home

I'll find a productive way to spend my time

You're planning to throw a party in your house. It's time to think about decorations. Any ideas?

I'll open the windows and air the room. Ready!

I want the room to be shiny and bright! I need glitter, lamps and confetti

I think of neon lights. It's trendy

I'll buy candles and flowers. It's simple but chic

What kind of book would you read more willingly?

Love stories is a great choice

Something truly captivating with mystery and horror scenes

A book about ordinary people and their daily life

Something long and neutral with psychological elements

If you were choosing a concert to go to based on singer's looks, who would you choose?

A band of serious men

A brutal guy with tattoos

This odd guy with dreadlocks

A girl in a stylish dress

Suddenly, you were invited to participate in music video shooting. What to wear?

Something simple but stylish. Leather jacket and chain would do

Everything that's fashionable

I will dress casually. It's accessories that matter

Silk, pearls, costume - everlasting classics

What's your personality type?





You're in the bar having fun with your friends. Time to order your drink:


Rose wine

Any classical cocktail


Do you like to be among people, socialize?

What do you think about an idea of spending your weekend at home?

How do you behave in a noisy group of people?

It was me who made it noisy!

As loud as anyone else

I have with the people I like

I sit on the couch and look at them

Rock and heavy metal

Many people believe that lovers of this music genre have tendency to negative and melancholy thinking. However, it's not true. These people are creative and have fastidious mind. Perhaps, you have a low self-esteem, can't appreciate your success and merits, find it hard to communicate with large crowds of people. However, you have sweet nature and outstanding mind. What result will your friends get? Let's find out!


You're sociable, self-confident and not dependent on opinion of other people. You know how to stand your ground and have great negotiation skills. Your self-esteem is pretty good. It's close to be realistic or a bit increased. On the basis of your traits, we can say that rap music suits you most! What result will your friends get? Let's find out!

Electronic music

Many people adore electronic music, and it's really suitable for you! The true fans of this music genre are people with phlegmatic personality type. They are calm and creative, prefer living deliberate and organized life. The mood of these people is stable, rarely changing within time. What result will your friends get? Let's find out!

Jazz, blues, soul

You're self-confident and demanding. People find it hard to change your opinion about something, because you hold firmly to it. At the same time, you have creative skills and outstanding mind, think out of box, easily socialize and freely joins any interesting adventure! What result will your friends get? Let's find out!