How Lonely Are You? Take Our Loneliness Test For Teens

How Lonely Are You? Take Our Loneliness Test For Teens
We all feel lonesome sometimes, where we lack support and care, and it seems no one around can understand us. This is sharply felt in the age of adolescence when all attention is directed inward. You need to figure out who you are and where you belong in the world. This test will help you sort through your feelings.

How do you think, what people who meet you first notice in you?

My modesty and reserved character

Have no idea, it's hard for me to tell something about myself

I usually don't think what impression I make

What's the difference? They still don't understand anything

And when did you manage to meet someone the last time?

It seems not so long ago. But I rarely remember new faces.

Long ago, sociability is not about me

They met me, yes. But usually these are some uninteresting connections

It happens sometimes

Do you agree that you need to share your experiences with close ones?

You're coming along the street and someone you take interest in is passing by you. But he/she didn't notice you. How do you think, why?

Notice me? I don't stand out in any way.

No wonder, it happens all the time

He/she's just stupid. Or something like that

Who? Passed by? Where? I don't see anyone

And if he/she comes to you first? What is your reaction?

How do you think why did people invent friendship?

To surround themselves by people equal to them

To feel that someone needs you

To learn more about themselves

I don't know. Maybe, they were bored.

Choose a phare you agree with

Tell me who are your friends, and I'll tell you who you are

All compliments look like bad sarcasm

I have no low self-esteem, I have the low esteem of others

The only person you'll spend your life with is you

Which of these pictures does better describe you when talking?

You're in the friends' company. A song you don't like starts playing. What will you do?

I'll roll my eyes up. One may realize once again what a bad musical taste they have

Not a big deal, it'll end sometime. I'll wait

I don't even know what songs I like

Probably, I won't even notice. I'll think my own thoughts

What does it mean to be a straightforward person for you?

To be weak

To be obtrusive

Sometimes I behave this way, some other times - the other.

To not lie to yourself

Are there any people you can call "yours"?

Probably, there are

I don't understand yet what is mine

I'd like to have anyone, not just "mine"

No, there are no such people

Imaginary loneliness

You feel lonely sometimes, that's true. But actually, there are no reasons for it. You're surrounded by wonderful people - parents and friends - you take pleasure to deal with. But sometimes you just isolate or retire deeply into yourself without giving them a chance to take you out of this state. Look around! Your big friendly family and fun-loving friends will always support you, you should trust them!

Identity crisis

You need to find the balance between individualization (self) and identification (with others, society) on your own. If identification dominates, you'll risk losing your inner self. Then you'll be uncomfortable because of inability to demonstrate your uniqueness and distinctiveness. If individualization prevails, it can be hard or impossible to build relations with others since you won't be ready for arranging and making a compromise.

Self-esteem crisis

It's typical of teenagers to estimate and analyze themselves all the time sometimes placing too high demands. They notice a lot of drawbacks in themselves, are often discontented with themselves and don't want to hide their emotions. That's why they believe that others also see these defects. You also overreact to criticism and remarks, which, in turn, results in seclusion and refraining from communication. The only way out is to work on yourself, your self-esteem. This is hard but it'll pay off to the full!

Too high demands

The teen age comes with trying to assess yourself and often looking at yourself from the position of the chosen ideal or generally accepted norm. Even worse, the high demands on other people who seemingly don't deserve your company, underdeveloped, too rude, etc. make you feel uncomfortable and lonely. It seems it's impossible to find a friend, but this is not true. There are a lot of wonderful people around, you just need to remember that no one is perfect.