What's my mental age? This test will find out!

What's my mental age? This test will find out!
Does a question about brain age seems bizarre to you? The human brain is difficult to understand, and may be older or younger than the rest of you! Find your mental age with our quiz!

What do you think about situations where you need to act fast and change your plans?

The best way to become rich is:

Try different things in hope for luck

Long and hard work

Do the work as it was asked

What do you think about new technologies and gadgets?

Is it possible to control everything in your life?

No. And it's good. Life seems more interesting

No. However, it's something we should work on

Yes. Everything must be under control

What bday gift would you like to get?

Education course or an interesting book

New gadget

A diary or planner

What traits of yours do you like most?

I'm open-minded and curious

I'm reasonable and calm

I'm stern and loyal

What will you do to deal with midlife crisis?

I'll dye my hair pink

I'll find a good psychologist

It won't affect me

How good are you at dealing with your responsibilities?

I'll do what's necessary. Then I'll do what I want

I'll make a list of things to do. If there's something interesting, I will devote more time to it

I have a strict daily routine and I stick to it

What's your biggest fear?

To become an adult way too fast

To lose my mission

Uncertainty about future

What do you expect from future?

Advanced technologies

Improvement of rights and possibilities

It scares me

Childish brain

You've got a lively, joyful and curious mind that always ready to learn something new and acquire new skills. Adventures are in your blood. Your energy and activity allows you to happily spend your time without thinking about serious matters. Just like a child, you're interested in everything around you. Perhaps, you don't want to feel yourself a grown adult! Did you like our test? Share it with your friends!

Mature brain

You've got an active and reasonable mind that is always ready to study and analyze different situations. You can see things as they are and think clearly. Your friends often seek your advice because of these skills. You have no room for spontaneous actions and idle curiosity in your life. It's your mind and brain that rule in your life. Did you like this test? Share it with your friends!

Old brain

You've got a reasonable and rigid mind that doesn't always ready to compromise and look for creative ways of solving problems. Surprises and spontaneity scare you. You feel way more comfortable when your life is full of rules and strict schedule that you have to follow. Did you like this test? Share it with your friends!