Take the Martin Seligman Optimism Test Online

Take the Martin Seligman Optimism Test Online
Martin Seligman is a psychologist who was the first to define the concept of learned optimism. According to him, optimists are high achievers who believe that bad events are temporary. Optimism helps people cope with challenging situations and move forward even after a failure. More importantly, optimistic people allow good events to brighten up every area of their lives. At the same time, pessimists are likely to give up when they face difficulties. Take this quiz and find out whether your glass is half empty or half full!  

During the vacation, you put on a few kilos and have been struggling to lose weight.

Any diet only has a short-term effect

I chose the wrong diet

You got a prestigious award. What are your thoughts?

I've found a solution to a serious problem

I turned out to be the best of the contenders

While you were skiing, you fell a lot.

Skiing is hard

The snow was slippery

The doctor says you're in great shape.

I do sport on a regular basis

I take good care of my health

Your friend hurt your feelings.

My friend was in a bad mood and snapped at me

I'm the one to blame. I had it coming.

You invited a person to a date but he/she refused you.

I was acting foolish when I was inviting her/him

I had bad luck

You got a fine because you had filed a tax return too late.

I'm always lleaving it until the last minute.

I felt too lazy to do it on time

You lost in a competition you had been preparing for forever.

I'm a bad athlete

I'm not good at this sport

You prepared a new dish but your guests have hardly tried it.

I was cooking in a hurry

I'm not very good at cooking

You failed a difficult exam.

I'm not smart enough

I didn't study enough

You forgot about an important meeting.

Sometimes I forget to check my day planner

My memory fails me sometimes

You won in the local election.

I worked hard during my pre-election campaign

I try to give my best in everything I do

You forgot about your friend's birthday.

I was busy

I'm not good at memorizing birthdays

You got lost on your way to your friend's place

My friend failed to explain me properly how to reach him

I missed the right turn

You prevented a crime by calling the police.

I was vigilant and alert that night

A suspicious noise got my attention

You're an optimist

Congratulations! Your glass is half full! You never give up and perceive each failure as a learning experience. You quickly forget about bad things and don't let failures take you down. For example, troubles at work won't keep from having an enjoyable evening in the company of friends. At the same time, you may be inclined to blaming external circumstance or other people for your failures. Try to take more responsibilty for your actions and everything will be great! Share this quiz on social media and see if your friends are optimists or pessimists.

You're a pessimist

Unfortunately, your glass is half empty. After each failure, you're convinced that nothing will be good again. You're one of those people who tend to exaggerate their problems. For example, if you missed a bus in the morning, it may ruin your entire day. As you probably understand, this is not a healthy approach to life and you should work hard to change your attitude. The good thing is that you're not blaming your problems on circumstances or other people but trying to find out what you've done wrong.  Share this quiz on social media and see if your friends are optimists or pessimists.