How Mature or Immature Are You?

Lada Khramova
How Mature or Immature Are You?
You may have a passport and backaches, but that doesn't mean that you are mature. Serious and responsible - these words describe those who were able to get out of adolescence. Answer these questions to check if your childhood has ended or not!

One of your friends or colleagues keeps saying something banal again and again. Your actions?

I roll my eyes dramatically

Exchange glances with friends

I will pretend that nothing special is happening

You need to leave the house at 10 am. What time will you set the alarm on?

You are on the way to your apartment and realize that the fridge is empty. What will you do?

Too lazy to go to the store. Order a pizza!

Turn around, go to the store and buy some food

Will buy ready-made food, I will warm it up at home

Do you even know how to cook? How do you feel when you pick up a frying pan?

You come for an interview, and the manager asks why you choose this particular company. Your answer?

The team and work conitions are great here

I dream of working for you, it will allow me to unleash my potential

The workload is not overwhelming and the salary is decent!

The best birthday present is:

Something for home

Concert tickets

Box of sweets

The deadline for a task was this morning, and you are still sleeping. How often does this situation happen to you?

And if it did happen, what will you say in your defense?

Sorry, I'm afraid it takes more time

Um, yes, I'll send everything in an hour

What? How is it already Monday?!

You inherited a million (lucky you!). What are you going to do with him?

I will buy everything I have dreamed of for a long time!

I'll put it in the bank

I'll go traveling, and hide the rest under the mattress

Are you good at small household chores? For example, how soon will you replace a light bulb if it burns out?

Да на улице поздно темнеет, мне нормально

I have a lot in stock, I will immediately replace

Well, in a couple of days I'll go to the store and buy a new one


You know how to behave in difficult situations, you know how to take responsibility and keep promises. You have everything under control and everything is on schedule. Not bad, but sometimes boring. Perhaps you shouldn't completely forget about the inner child! Share the link with your friends, let's see if they are the same age!

Adult child

You seem to have everything under control. You know what responsibility and seriousness are, but sometimes you still let your inner child take over. Well, who of us didn't want to do something silly from time to time? You notice all the colors of life and you can see a reason for joy where others see nothing! Share the link with your friends, let's see if they are the same age!

Happy child

Words like responsibility, seriousness, decision making are unfamiliar to you. You want to do only what brings pleasure, without thinking about the future and not worrying too much about others. Not a bad approach to life, but sometimes it's still worth looking at things in an adult way. Share the link with your friends, let's see if they are the same age!