Is Your Boyfriend Actually Gay?

Is Your Boyfriend Actually Gay?
The quiz is made for people over the age of 18. Sexual orientation can be very personal, while others are quite proud! Find out if someone you know is hiding a secret here.

How does your husband shake hands with other men?

Calmly and with strength

It depends on the mood: sometimes sharply, sometimes almost softly

Tenderly, with a long stare

Assess the affectedness of your hubby

He always asks women where they did their nails or bought that lipstick

If the talk turns to gays, how does your husband react?

How does your husband look after himself?

In a standard way: shampoo, shower gel, shaving foam

Sometimes he's too preoccupied with his appearance - he likes looking in the mirror

Almost as you do - manicure, pedicure, eyebrow architecture, hairdo

Does he come up to men very closely not demonstrating aggression?

Assess smoothness and softness of his movements

You often notice that he stares at men

How does he behave when having sex?

Saucily, with pleasure

Sometimes makes a scene and has moods

He's hard-boiled, tight

Does he like women of a frail constitution with a boyish appearance?

How does he talk?

A base voice, level tone, discreet

A little bit of feminine intonations, a high pitched voice

The speech is full of pet words

He often points out that you're his best friend

Assess his sensibility to women's touching

Does your husband like to give presents to other men?

What posture is more typical of him?

Straight, rigid

Fussy, softish

Straight with hip-swinging

You husband hardly takes a sexual interest in men

Most likely, your husband is of traditional orientation. He doesn't identify himself with the woman, the female behavior is not typical of him. So, we think that you're really desirable and loved for him in an intimate context. Share the quiz result to help your gals check their hubbies :)

Probably, he has some character peculiarities

Most likely, your spouse is of traditional orientation, but he has certain features typical of homosexuals. Probably, his behavior is not so manful in your opinion. However, we cannot state it for sure - if you have doubts, offer him to visit a family psychologist together. Share the quiz result to help your gals check their hubbies :)

Probably, he has deviations in sexual interests

Based upon your answers, your husband's behavior may look like the behavior of the man of non-traditional orientation. Probably, a family psychologist's consultation can help you to clear up the situation. Anyway, LGBT is not a disaster today. The main thing is to remember that he cares about you anyway. Share the quiz result to help your gals check their hubbies :)