What Punctuality Says about You

What Punctuality Says about You
Does the 15-minute rule apply to you? Are you the person who always shows up on time and hates it when others are late? Or are you the opposite and come late to work and meetings all the time? For some people, being late is a method of creating an entrance. Most of the time, however, the reasons for being late are way more trivial, like laziness, poor time management, and apathy. This bad habit may negatively affect your life and relationships. Take this test to find out whether you value your time and the time of others!  

Your work starts at 9 am. You leave home at 8.30 am and run into a friend you haven't seen for ages. What will you do?

On my way to work, I'm fully focused and notice no one

Wow! Great! I'll invite them to have a chat over a cup of coffee

I'll tell them I'm busy right now and arrange to meet them later

I'll be happy to talk a little with them

When do you usually come to the cinema?

15 minutes after the film has started

10 minutes before the film

5 minutes after the film has started to avoid trailers and ads

Just on time for the film

At what time do you usually get up?

I'm an early bird

At 8-9 am

At about 7 am

After 12 am

Better late than never. Do you agree?

Yes, absolutely

On time is even better

Nonsense! If you're running late, you shouldn't come at all

Yeah, probably

Which of these characters would you like to meet in real life?

Ilya Oblomov

Evgeni Onegin. He's a true dandy.

Sherlock Holmes

Hercule Poirot

When you say "I'll call you back in half an hour", you mean..

You'll call in exactly 30 minutes

You'll call in the evening

You'll call tomorrow (if you remember)

You'll call in about an hour

What will you do if you're running late?

I'm never late. Other people come too early.

This never happens!

I'll call the person I'm meeting and say I'm sorry

I'll try to notify the other person that I'm running late

What is your most important quality?




Ability to enjoy life

What's your hobby?

Reading on a sofa at home

Sports. It makes you disciplined.

Watching TV and YouTube

I don't have time for a hobby

Your friends laugh at you sometimes because ...

Because I tend to put on different socks, forget to tie my shoes, and things like that

Because I lack determination and vigor

Because I'm a slow poke

I don't like it when people laugh at me!

Continue the phrase: "The person that never runs late is the person that..."

...doesn't want to run late

...is never in a hurry

...starts getting ready 3 hours in advance

...plans everything in advance

Which shortcoming of yours would you like to get rid of?

I'm easily distracted

I feel nervous all the time

I'm too judgmental

I'm disorganized

Which gift is the best?

A good dayplanner is a useful thing

Netflix subscription

I prefer to ask the person what they want to get

Time spent together

You're extremely punctual

There are people who value punctuality above everything else. If they're only 5 minutes late, they get hysterical. For them, it's a disaster and the reason to be ashamed. You're one of those people. While being punctual is undoubtedly a very good thing, you're putting too much value on it. Exaggerating the importance of certain things can be dangerous. Try to relax. Arriving 5 minutes late is not the end of the world.  Share this test with your friends and see who care the most about time management!

Time is money

We're a bit envious of your punctuality, to be honest. Simply because you don't know what a deadline is! You value your time and the time of others. For you, every minute is precious. However, this does not mean that you should get too proud of your punctuality and judge others for arriving a few minutes late. In life, anything can happen. Being punctual is not always a good thing either. Remember how many times you've come too early and stood there alone waiting for your friends?It's pretty boring and unproductive, huh? Share this test with your friends to let them know (if they still don't) that you're very serious about about arriving on time!

Business before pleasure

Your test results indicate that you can be punctual, but only if you want to. You understand the importance of time management and try to stick to a schedule. However, you don't always succeed. You seem to always get distracted by all kinds of things, such as TV, social media or your dog. This prevents you from arriving on time, which may irritate other people (your boss, family, etc.). Try to concentrate and focus on your schedule. If you're still running late, a good thing to do is to warn your friends or family. Share this test with your friends and see which one of you cares about time most!

Punctuality is not your thing

It's obvious that punctuality is not your thing. You keep coming late and have no regrets about it. You don't care about previous arrangements. What's more, it seems like you don't see your lack of punctuality as a shortcoming. You're sure that people will wait for you for as long as it takes. However, it's a very dangerous path than can ruin your relationships with people. We recommend that you think about your behavior and try to make the habit of arriving on time. Learn to value your own time and the time of others. It's not as hard as you might think! As for now, you should warn your friends that you'll be late for your next get-together!