How Shy Are You?

How Shy Are You?
Shyness is a state of mind and conditional behavior characterized by indecision, apprehension, timidity, and constraint. The quiz will determine how shy you are.

Do you slowly adapt to new situations and people?

No, I adapt quickly

It depends

Yes, I need to take time

You have a small voice.

Assess how much visiting crowded places tire you out

Are you afraid of public speaking?


How are things with your social skills?

I easily get along with people

Sometimes I get along easily, sometimes - not at all

I feel comfortable only with close ones and people I know

Assess your sensitivity to sounds

Even to ask a passer-by for directions, you are preparing for a long time and are nervous

How do you feel when you're invited to dance with everybody?

How do you speak?

Loudly, with good articulation

It depends on a person I talk to

Concisely, stumbling

Assess you sensitivity to touches.

Do you want others to like you?

How do you make decisions?

I choose the best option, what else could it be?

I may think long, but I don't doubt in the choice made

I doubt for long

You like posting your photos on social media

Assess your demands of yourself

Are you often called a shy person?

Who? Me?!

It happens

Very often

It's hard to call you shy

Most probably, people around see you as an open, self-confident person, who rarely feels shy. The main thing is to remember about modesty and everything will be fine. Keep going! Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

Everything depends on your mood

Sometimes you can be very shy and sometimes forget about this feature completely. Everything depends on your mood and state. In any case, you can take a critical view of yourself. Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

Shyness is your second name

Based on your answers, you almost always feel shy and rarely get out of this state. If you feel comfortable, everything is fine, but if this stops you from living your life, perhaps, you need to visit a psychologist. Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too ;)