Quiz: Which Famous Perfume Should You Try?

Quiz: Which Famous Perfume Should You Try?
Finding your fragrance as well as your style is hard but necessary. A couple of drops can complement your look and add mood. If you cannot decide and pick at random, this test is made for you. Even if you already know your favorites it won't hurt to see the perfume world in a new light!

Imagine that your perfect perfume already exists. What would be its name?

Black Panther

Pina Colada


Vino Rosso

What makeup do you prefer?

I like bright combinations

Eyeliner arrows and red lipstick are my signature

I make makeup rarely, I prefer naturality

Nude, warm tones

What do you expect from the perfect perfume?

It should appeal and tempt

A perfect fragrance teases and intrigues

It's designed for decorating and cheering up

My perfume refreshes and gives tone

A person you know says that you're charming. What's your reaction?

What will you order at the restaurant?

Mussels with white wine

A vegetable salad and a smoothie

The most beautiful dessert

A cup of coffee

What kind of sport is your cup of tea?

Oriental dances

Samba, zumba, mambo

Aerobics or step

I just like walking in the open air

Your boyfriend is calling you and offers to go to Ibitsa tomorrow. How do you like it?

If a man of your dreams appears in your dreams…

He'll sail on a snow-white yacht across the Mediterranean Sea

He's a mysterious stranger with a dazzling smile

A handsome and cute next-door guy

A star at the football stadium

How do you usually apply the perfume?

I spray it in the middle of the room and then come to the cloud

I usually apply it to my hair

Apply to main points - the neck, wrists

I like an intense trace, that's why I apply a lot of perfume

In your opinion, the best vacation looks this way…

What photo did you post on social media last time?

It was a beautiful professional shooting

A sunset I met when I was walking home

It was a photo of my supper, it looked terrific

I usually try to post somethings stylish and unusual

Fruit bouquet

You're an extremely cheerful person, full of energy and high spirits. There's always a dazzling smile on your face and a playful glint is seen in the eyes. Sweet flower fragrances, which combine brightness and freshness, attract you. To create a perfect perfume you need to mix the notes of apple, raspberry and, for example, citrus fruits, and complement this bouquet with flower motifs. Tell your gals about this test, we'll choose a fragrance for them too!

Flower fleur

You're a tiffany and romantic natures, highly appreciate elegance and exquisiteness and always maintain your style. Soft silk, beautiful interiors and flavorous wine - are the things that can inspire you. That's why you choose corresponding perfume - sensual and sweet scents of roses and violets with a slight note of freshness. Just a couple of drops can help to create a moving and feminine look. Tell your gals about this test, we'll choose a fragrance for them too!

East sweets

You aren't afraid of bright impressions, deeds of daring and trailblazing experiments. Probably, you have the leader's role in any company. Sensual and intoxicating Oriental fragrances go well with your image and character. The scent of alluring spices, vanilla and sandal together with exotic flowers are a perfect match for your style and will help to set the mood. Tell your gals about this test, we'll choose a fragrance for them too!

Fresh breeze

You always look fresh and bright even without making efforts to achieve it. This easy spontaneity and simpleness is your specific feature the light green scents combining herbal, woody and flower notes can emphasize. Tell your gals about this test, we'll choose a fragrance for them too!