Quiz For Cat Owners: How Much Of A Cat Person Are You?

Quiz For Cat Owners: How Much Of A Cat Person Are You?
Our feline friends are a part of our daily lives. Some of us can spend hours looking at pictures and videos on the internet. Take this quiz to see if you're a true cat person!

First thing you do in the morning is...

Going to the bathroom to wash up

Without opening eyes looking for cat’s bowls by feel to fill them

Awaking your best half to make her/him feed the fluffy

Do you have houseplants?

Yes, but they’re all bitten. I shoo the cat from them all the time

There was a pot with a flower, but the cat overturned it. I don’t want to clean up again

I buy only plants, which are safe for my cat. I am not angry at him/her if he/she drops or bites something

Does it matter to you how does the cat treat people who come to your home?

I let only that people in again who passed the cat check

Doesn't matter

I follow the cat’s behaviour, but don’t make major decisions about the circle of contacts

Did you try cat food? :)

Yes, I should know what my pet eats

No and I won'tto

Sometimes it occurred to me, but I hesitate

The cat bit your phone charger cable. Your reaction:


Not a big deal, I've seen worse

It was necessary! The cat knows better

Choose a statement right for you:

After stroking the cat – wash your hands

Wash your hands before stroking the cat!

The less physical contact with the cat, the better

How many are photos of your cat in your phone?

Maybe, there are a couple, maybe, not

10 and more

Almost all my photos are cat's photos :3

How many cats do you have?

One cat

One cat, but it is a cat of my better half

The more, the better (2 and more)

Where a cat should sleep in your opinion?

The right place

Actually, special beds are made for cats

The best of everything - to cats!

Do you often talk to your puss?

Yes, all the time

No, have I nothing to do?

Give commands only when necessary

Are you signed up for cat groups on social media?

Not only signed up for, I'm a creator of such groups

Yes, I admit it

It's enough to have a cat in real life

When you go for vacation who does take care of the cat?

Why should someone take care of him/her, if he/she goes with me?

Leave him/her at relatives'

I just leave more food and water

Meow! You're a 100% cat person!

The cat is a large part of your life. You reverently take care of your fluffy friend. Your friends not once heard your stories when the cat was cutely lying on the back or brought a long-forgotten toy from somewhere. Make sure to find out where the next cat show will be in your city. Although you probably already know it :)

You're the golden mean

There's definitely a place in your heart for fluffy paws. Everyday decisions are made not only based on cat's whims but also on the principle of rationality. You take care of your fluffy friend as and when necessary. The main thing - don't be too strict with yourself and the pet. It's better to get up and stroke your hairy friend right now. It is never too much :)

You can hardly be named a cat person

You rather coexist in the same space with the cat and you don't concern about cat's whims. Most probably, the greatest impact that you had on your cat's life was reduced to your silent agreement to get him/her. Maybe, you should think about buying another pet for the soul? Can it be a friendly puppy or a rabbit?