Quiz: Which character from 'The Queen's Gambit' are you?

Quiz: Which character from 'The Queen's Gambit' are you?
The Queen's Gambit is an intricate story of chess, childhood, fame, and loss, featuring incredible acting and cinematography. Many people found a kinship with Beth (especially her fashion!) but we can tell you which character you're most like!

Are you prone to procrastination?

Why do it now when you can do it later

I do my best to fight off procrastination but sometimes it gets the best of me

I will infinitely procrastinate everything I'm not passionate about

Why do it later when you can do it now

What drives you in competition?

Bettering myself through practice

I’m not really a competitive person

The personal satisfaction of winning

Showing to everyone else how good I am

What's your approach to work?

I either overwork myself or don’t do anything for days

I’ve never had to work much, I’m naturally gifted

I am dedicated and consistent in my work

I do what I have to do without much thought

What's your least favorite chess opening?

I don’t pick and choose, I’ll play any openings

I don’t play chess and don’t know what you’re talking about

I'm always frustrated to face something like the Rossolimi Attack or the London System

The Caro-Kann, it's all pawns and no hope

How do you deal with problems?

Through coping mechanisms

Facing them head-on

By running away and ignoring them

By thinking about the problem rationally and solving it

How niche are your interests?

What does “niche” even mean?

I have never thought about that

Very, therefore, I am better than everyone else

On a scale of 1-10, 7.5

Do you use clothing to express yourself?

Yes, I enjoy conveying myself through my clothes

I stick to my specific style

My actions say everything you need to know about me

Playing around with clothes and self-expression is fun

Do you think you come off easily approachable?

I specifically make sure I don’t look easily approachable

No, but that’s the other person’s problem

I’d like to think so

Yes, I do everything I can to appear friendly

Who in your life knows you best?

My partner

My friends

My family

Only I understand myself

What is your preferred pastime?

Playing chess

Listening to music

Spending hours on my current obsession


Would you say you're a hopeless romantic?

Maybe a bit romantic, but not hopeless

Yes. Love means the world to me

I wouldn’t admit it, but it’s the truth

Not if I have anything to say about it

What's your opinion on art?

Every opinion on art is subjective

I like the feeling when I personally connect with an art piece

I can appreciate it, but I don’t understand it

Art must meet certain standards to be considered art

Would you describe yourself as ambitious?

I don’t have much to be ambitious about

Very, my ambition is a big part of my personality

I am happy with where I am at in life right now

I’ve already achieved my goals

What kind of chess games do you like to play?

As long as they’re exciting, I’m okay with any

Fun ones, I guess

I like grinding my opponent down and winning in the endgame

I enjoy sacrificing pieces and going after my opponent’s king

Do you enjoy trying new things in life?

Yes, but they rarely turn out good

I’ve already figured out what I want in life

I am open-minded and am willing to try anything

Depends on the circumstance

How important is your family to you?

I say it’s not, but deep inside, it’s very important to me

There are other things in life more important to me

Family is my everything

My family is a big part of my life

What's your favorite chess piece?





How do you feel about astrology?

I think the stars are beautiful, but they don't have much to say

I think astrology is really interesting and sometimes accurate

I don't believe in it, it's nonsense

I believe in astrology as much as the next person

Is music an important part of your life?

Yes. My life has a soundtrack that I picked

I enjoy the occasional classic

I love putting on music when I do my daily activities and chores

I appreciate and enjoy the music I love

What are you like at a social event?

I prefer to stay at home and enjoy my alone time

I get a drink and try to get to know someone new

I make sure I make small talk with everyone there

I stick with my friends and don't leave my group

Who's your favorite chess player?

I don’t know a single important chess player




How do you feel about fashion?

I love keeping up with fashion and staying in the loop

I am interested in it and think it's an important part of the art world

I am classy and classy is always fashionable

I don't pay much attention and stick to what I know

How easily do you crush on someone?

It is easy to catch my interest

It takes a long time for me to start liking someone

It's easy for me to fall head over heels for someone

I rarely get a crush, but when I do, it's serious

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Immature people

Someone underestimating me

Getting talked over in group discussions

When someone doesn't do their chores

What kind of chess games do you like?

I enjoy any type of game

I don't really play chess

I like to play exciting games, sacrifice pieces, and go for the enemy king

I enjoy grinding my opponents down in the endgame

What do you fear?

The passage of time and getting older

Losing a loved one


Getting taken advantage of

How would you describe your imagination?

My imagination consists of daydreaming

I am very rational and realistic

I have a pretty vivid imagination

I often think of plans for my future

What does a perfect first date look like for you?

Lots of conversation and getting to know each other

I don't have time for dating

Going out to a bar for drinks

Going to the movies and grabbing some food

What is your favorite drink?

Vodka is my first choice

I'll drink anything, really

I'm a beer kind of person

I love Margaritas

How long have you been playing chess?

I’ve been playing since I was a child

I have never played chess. What does a queen do?

I’ve been playing on and off, sometimes more on than off

I am a chess prodigy

Vasily Borgov

Russian grandmaster, the world chess champion that Beth Harmon must beat to become a grandmaster. You are strong and confident, and you have every reason to be proud of yourself. Despite your sometimes arrogant behavior, you feel respect and understanding for others inside. Send this quiz to your friends, let's see which result they will get!

William Shaibel

He worked as a janitor at the orphanage where Beth Harmon ended up after her mother died. He often retired to the back room and sorted out chess games. Beth was interested in a game of chess that the old janitor could play for hours. You are passionate about your business and are ready to help those who are also passionate about something. Your patience and dedication know no bounds! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see which result they will get!

Elizabeth Harmon (Beth)

You are a strong and purposeful person. Despite your internal problems and difficulties, you do not give in to despair and are ready to go to the end in everything. That is why sooner or later you will have a huge success, as well as the main character of the series Beth! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see which result they will get!

Alma Weatley

Beth's foster mother, tried to be a good mother. You passionately want to please others, but often shift the responsibility for your actions to others. This complicates your relationship with friends and acquaintances! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see which result they will get!