How Well Do You Know "Warrior Nun" Series?

How Well Do You Know "Warrior Nun" Series?
Warrior Nun is a unique action series streaming on Netflix. Ava is a nun who wakes up resurrected from the dead with an assortment of superpowers. The last season left its global audience with tons of questions that the next season will hopefully answer. Test your memory or learn some new facts here!

What is the plot of the series based on?

Children's story

Fiction novel

Comic books


Warrior Nun was inspired by comic books with a similar name, Warrior Nun Areala. Written by Ben Dunn. When was it first published?





The season finale takes place in Rome; to be precise, in the Vatican. However what seems to be the Vatican is actually another country. Which one?





Is it true that Jillian Salvius was originally written as a man?

Ben Dunn's main inspiration for Warrior Nun Areala was ___________

Medieval legends about monks

Real-life order of priest and nuns

Frescoes on the walls of the Vatican Cathedral

Knight's poem

Alba Baptista is not English. And English is not the 23-year old star's mother tongue. Where does she come from?





Is it true that the creator of the manga helped write the show?

Episode titles hold secret meaning. They are named after ______

Excerpts from the lives of the Saints

Bible passages

Heroes of ancient legends

Famous religious paintings

When Duretti is elected Pope, they signal the results with black smoke. Is it also used for this occasion in real life?

If some of the places in Warrior Nun seem familiar, it could be that the filming locations were also used in other iconic series. Which one?

The Hollow Crown

Game of Thrones



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Martial Arts Lover

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