Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Color Matches Your Aura

Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Color Matches Your Aura
Determining one's aura color is not so easy - often we need to refer to a specialist to get a more accurate result. We suggest you plunge into Indian philosophy and look at your energy from the outside. What can it tell you about your feelings, mood, and even health?

If someone is sharing his experiences with you, is it easy for you to understand him and give him a piece of advice?

Certainly, we'll discuss the situation, but I'll hardly be able to help

I'll hardly understand him but give a piece of advice

Yes, I understand his feelings well

No, I don't like to sift through other people's problems

Where would you like to be now?

The components of your perfect day are

Fun group + sport + picnic

Interestin lecture + post discussin

A good book + a film + a nice dinner

Best friend + a long talk

During a meeting with friends, someone plays pop music too loud. Your reaction?

Choose your favorite drink:

Do you trust people?

No, I rely on myself only

Yes, otherwise it's just impossible to live

I trust my close people only

I trust many, but keep the most personal to myself

If life is a path, your looks like…

Some steps on your foot on the bus, what will you do?

Rise my brows and meaningly look at this person

Cannot control myself, I'll start calling names

I qon't even notice it

I'll take offense

At the party, you see that a company behind you is discussing something loudly and laughing. What is your reaction?

They are having fun, I should come up to them!

I'll pass by and listen to the reason of their fun

They're probably laughing at me. I'd rather step back

I'll probably think about my own business and won't hear them

When you flip through your child photo album, what do you think about?

I sigh for the old childhood days when everything was so wonderful

Shed a tear out of sadness

Think about all the good things that happened since then

Laugh at child photos

Choose an animal

Your motto can be like this one

A friend in court is better than a penny in purse

No wisdom like silence

Beauty will save the world

The best is yet to come

Red aura

People with this aura are always cheerful and positive, often experience strong emotions, which are hard to stop. They stand out against a background of others due to their brisk nature and constant merriment. Probably, you're an optimist, full of energy and vitality and very active, that's why your best hobbies are sports and outdoor recreation. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check their aura!

Yellow aura

You're a creative person since the yellow aura is typical of intellectually mature and out of the box people. They can and are ready to change the world for better, make it more beautiful. Besides, they're fond of communicating, learn something new and keep the track of events. While communicating with others you draw inspiration that's why the people around you are one of the most important things in your life. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check their aura!

Green aura

People with green aura are common to sentimentality and empathy. You often sympathize with the people about, try to help them at whatever cost, even if it's no beneficial for you at all. For this reason, you should be aware of frauds and swindlers, you should learn how to distinguish characters and motivations of different people not to swallow the bait. You're reserved enough and communicate only with close people, rarely express emotions. People with green aura fulfill themselves best being doctors or social workers. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check their aura!

Silver aura

The owners fo silver aura are dreamers and idealists. They live in their beautiful world, are quite creative and like creativity. They have a very high spiritual level and a well-developed imagination. To support your vital forces you need to realize and feel your singularity and uniqueness, otherwise, apathy and idleness may overwhelm you. Remember it's very important for you to bring your ideas to life and put them to good effect. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check their aura!