Self Control Test - Can You Control Yourself?

Self Control Test - Can You Control Yourself?
Is it easy for you to control your temper in a high-stress situation? Are you ready to learn more about yourself? Take this quiz to determine your level of self-control.

What kind of actor would you be?

Playacting is not about me

I like to try on different roles

I easily stay in a new character

Other people notice that I'm feeling more than I show.

Yes, I often hear about from people I know

Only during straight and heartwarming talks, when I’m opener to people

No, I'm an open book

If something disappoints me...

You can immediately understand it by my face

Everything depends on a situation and environment

I never show true feelings

In a group of people, I...

Immediately become the center of attention

Firstly, I earn people’s trust and then get to know them closer

I’m lost and anxious, cannot establish a contact with people at once

While talking to different people, I...

Act differently with different people

Act as they deserve it

Stay who I am and talk to all people on equal terms

If I disagree with a talker, I...

calmly express my opinion in this respect

give no sign not to offend the person

Expressly state my disagreement and firmly stand behind my position

To get what I want and succeed, I...

often pretend to be a person people want to see me

make adequate sacrifices, if it’s worth it

stay true to myself and maintain natural appearance

It's easy for me to stay friendly even to people I dislike

Yes, I never give lip in the open

Everything depends on a person and his attitude to me

No, I treat him as he deserves and I don’t try to appear nice

People often say that I appear to be different when they get to know me better

Yes, I'm a person of mystery

Probably, since I cannot come open before the people I know the least – I need time to show my true self.

No, I’m the person people think I’m.

It’s difficult for me to restrain myself and not to say everything I think to strangers even if they didn’t ask me about it

No, I'm quite reserved

Depends on a situation: I’ll speak out in a critical moment and keep silent some other time

Yes, I often criticize myself for excessive talkativeness

What is the most important thing in communication in your opinion?

Politeness and following common decencies

Sincerity and openness

Both equally

If someone is poking fun at me...

I ask to stop it, if I'm not comfortable about it

I make another joke or change the subject

I giggle for company's sake and do not show off even if I take offense

Calmness itself

You can easily cope with emotions and stay cool even in critical situations. Well, lucky you are! Hurry up and share your results with friends and check what they've got! 

Not bad

That is not to say that calmness your second name. You can act differently in different situations. However, this is a good result. Hurry up and share your results with friends and check what they've got! 

Possess your mind

Playing it cool in critical situations is not about you. Emotions often overcome you. Don't worry, because it indicates your openness and energy. There's room for improvement! Hurry up and share your results with friends and check what they've got!