How Well Do You Know Forms in Web Development?

The form is a frequently used element in web development. Using it, you can register, fill in forms, leave feedback, take quizzes, and more! Can you work correctly with forms? Take the quiz and find out!

Using what function can you avoid integration of a javascript code through a form?




What's the main difference between GET and POST?

The GET method allows getting data from a form, and the POST method - fills form fields

The GET method sends all gathered information from a form as a part of URL to the script and the POST method transfers data in such a way that a site user doesn’t see the data transferred to the script

The GET method is used on PHP 4 and below and the POST method – in higher versions of PHP

Can your send files through GET?



A part of a form is depicted in the code in the picture. How do you display all values marked with checkboxes?

Is it possible to place a PHP code in one page to process a form and a HTML code?



How do you write select to choose several values?

select name="Item[]" multiple

select=multiple name="Item"


For what is the header() function?

To rename headings

To change the heading of the current page

To redirect a user to a new page

What is contained in the $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'] variable?

File name set by a user

Full path to a temporaty file on a disk

Full file path on the server

When will $_FILES['file']['error'] be 0?

File was downloaded successfully


File exists

How do you get a value from the textfield field?

$_POST['textfield'] = $text;

$text = $_POST['textfield'];

$text = $textfield;

For what is the hidden field used?

To hide important data from outsiders, for example, a password

To enter data, which shouldn’t be transferred

To transfer intermediate data, which shouldn’t be changed by a user

How do you check that the button was clicked?

if (isset($_POST['ok']))

if (isset($_POST['submit']));

if (isset($_POST['Enter']));

Can you leave the action attribute empty?

If you leave this attribute empty, a form will be sent to the current page of the site.



What data can you write in $_REQUEST?

Transferred by the REQUEST method

Transferred by both GET and POST methods

Obtained as a result of SQL requests

Is the code in the picture possible?

Yes, the code is right

No, it's impossible to use PHP inside a HTML tag

You know the subject at the initial level

You still need to know many things to write good web forms, but don't be upset: read articles and self-teaching textbooks and train, and you'll be able to create even the most complex forms! Share the quiz with friends, let them check their knowledge on web forms!

You know the subject at middle level

You can create various forms, but there are gaps in your knowledge you need to close for successful web development. Repeat the theory and solve problems, and you'll pull it off! Share the quiz with friends, let them check their knowledge on web forms!

You know the subject in perfection!

You create the most complex forms with no problems, easily process data, know all the nuances of this subject - we can congratulate you! Shift to more complex subjects, we wish you good luck on the way of learning web development! Share the quiz with friends, let them check their knowledge on web forms!