3 Minute Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test

3 Minute Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test
Narcissism is a character trait meaning excessive self-love and exaggerated self-esteem, which in most cases does not reflect reality. The term comes from a Greek myth about Narcissus, a handsome young man, who preferred to admire his reflection in the water. Now narcissism is considered a dysfunction or a personality disorder in psychology and psychotherapy. Take this test to find out how strong narcissistic traits are in your character.  

Did you set a high value on your own ambitions, achievements, and success, thinking about it all the time?

Yes, my life is based on it

Sometimes, if something important to me is happening

I'm not locked into success, I'm fine as I am

"I am not a hundred dollar bill to please all." And does everybody like you?

Perhaps, it would seem I'm a nice person

Of course, no

I think so. There are no reasons to dislike me

Do you think you are the best of all and soon the world will appreciate you?

Yes, and I deserve the best!

Maybe, if I'll do everything that depends on me

Not at all, no one owes me nothing

Do you depend on the support and appreciation of other people?

It's good when I have them, but I don't care about them much

Yes, this is vitally important to me

It's very important, but I also try to assess myself on my own

Does criticism hurt you, including constructive one?

It infuriates me and then depresses

I may be upset, but I try to give ear to constructive remarks

I try to listen to only constructive criticism and pay no attention to the rest

Do you have a need that everything should be as you want and everybody would do you favours?

Yes, and it very annoys me when something happens not the way I wanted

Sometimes I want that everything would be as I want, but I try to listen to others’ needs

I do everything that I can, but I’m ready to act in any circumstances

Is it common for you to apologize?

I easily apologize if I'm guilty

I apologize, sometimes even oftener than I need

No, I rarely apologize because rarely feel guilty

Do you envy others?

Sometimes, but I try to fight against it

No, I have my own life

Yes, often, I want to be so successful too

Do you easily emotionally connect to people, empathizing with them?

I don’t understand or see others’ feelings much and they aren’t interesting to me

Quite, especially if this a loved one

Differently, but I can do it

How much influence your active cases have on your self-esteem?

Often they have a great impact, but I try not to reduce myself to my cases

My self-esteem directly depends on what and how I do

This is important but only one aspect of my life

Is the delegation of tasks your strength?

No, I do everything on my own

I try to properly share a load, but sometimes forget about it

Delegate for sure if I cannot do all the scope of work alone

Did it happen to you to solve difficult life problems in childhood on your own without the help of adults?


I cannot say

Probably no

Do you share your internal feelings with your close ones?

Yes, when there's a need

No, why should I?

Yes, especially when I seek support

Do you feel lonely because you cannot share your feelings with anybody?

Probably yes

It happens, but I have friends I can share them with

No, but what comes to me I keep to myself

Are you afraid of letting your partner into your life in a close relationship?

Yes, it’s hard for me to share my feelings and take other’s feelings

Usually, yes, if the relationship is trust-based

No, since I know my boundaries and respect partner’s boundaries

Pathologic Narcissus

You have real narcissistic personality disorder. It can take different shapes and varying intensity, but therapy with a psychotherapist is recommended for you if you do want to change the situation. At this stage, hardly anybody decides to work on yourself since the built protection with the world and the person is solid, known and gives a sense of safety. However, they stop you from happy living, the sense of closeness with people and unity of your feelings. Think about it: are your superpowers and achievements worth staying eternally lonely as a matter of fact?

Narcissistic nature

You have mildly expressed narcissistic disorder or a narcissistic injury (quite possibly gotten from communication with Narcissuses). Probably, you don't feel actually grandiose and special, but talking to people you experience difficulties, often feel lonely, sometimes suffer from self-esteem problems. Don't worry - this is all corrected through the work with a psychotherapist, and you could get rid of these disturbing manifestations or at least cut their frequency and intensity.  

Balanced narcissism

Your type of narcissism makes no troubles to you and people around. In general, the manifestations of narcissistic nature aren't typical of you, but sometimes when someone is trying to bite you, you turn self-value protection systems, and this is a normal response. You have nothing to fret about!