How Well Do You Know Friends Series?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
How Well Do You Know Friends Series?

This year marks 25th anniversary of "Friends" series. For the time passed the sitcom gained an army of fans and became a cult phenomenon that is still unsurpassed. Let's find out how well do you orientate in its characters' life!

What was the job of Rachel's frustrated husband, Barry?

You are right! Barry was a dentist.

Coffee houses network manager


Head of a call centre

Who was Monica to Ross?

Monica is the kid sister of Ross.



Kid sister

What was the job of Chandler Bing in the beginning of the series?

Chandler worked in an IT-company where he dealt with "Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration".

Copywriter in advertising agency

Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration specialist


What was Joey's catchphrase?

How are you doing?

Don't your mother need a son-in-law?

Where's the toilet?

How many seasons does the show have?

The series has 10 seasons. Its production has been started in 1994 and finished in 2004.




How many sisters does Joey have?

Joey has 7 sisters, he is the only boy in the family.




Which of the main characters has a twin?

Phoebe has a twin sister named Ursula.




Which of the series' characters got married 3 times?

Yes, Ross got married 3 times!




Where did the friends most commonly spend their spare time?

Central coffee house was the favourite place of characters' meetings during all the seasons.

Monica's apartment

Central coffee house

Chinese restaurant

What were the names of Joey and Chandler's odd pets?

Guys named their pets in the simplest way - Chick and Duck.

Timon and Pumbaa

Lady and the Tramp

Chick and Duck

Which of the series' characters was a dedicated vegetarian?

Phoebe didn't eat meat for many years and was an animal welfare advocate.




What was the title of the series, in which Joey played one of the leading roles?

Days of our lives

Ambulance service

Damned service in Mash hospital

Which of the characters did, once, get a capuchin monkey named Marcel?

It was Ross, who missed it so much when he had to send it to the zoo.




Which holiday was despised by Chandler?

Chandler told he didn't like Thanksgiving Day, as far as it was the day when his parents informed him about their divorce.


Thanksgiving Day

Saint Valentine's Day

Which of the characters got his/her own spin-off after Friends series ended?

Joey Tribbiani got his own spin-off.




You passed by...

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