How well do you know Home Alone? The quiz will find out!

How well do you know Home Alone? The quiz will find out!
No winter evening can do without the famous comedy Home Alone, a Christmas classic. While we may remember the quotes, do you remember the plot details well? Find out with this test!

What role did Macaulay Culkin's real life little brother have in the movie?

His little cousin Fuller

Bubbles, Harry's adopted son

Gary, their next door neighbor

Jingles the Christmas Elf

What wish does Kevin make after being sent to his room?

Buzz's tarantula would run away

France sinks into the sea so nobody can go on the vacation.

His family would disappear

Bad guys would kidnap his family

Home Alone is a beloved holiday classic in America, but what European country is it also extremely popular in?





Daniel Stern was already famous for what role in the television series, 'The Wonder Years?'

Kevin and Paul's teacher

Winnie's father

The Arnold's wacky neighbor

The voice of grown up Kevin Arnold

What does Harry lose after getting hit by a paint can?

His wallet

The keys to his van

His will to live

A gold tooth

What does Kevin slap on his face right before his famous scream scene?

After shave

Hot sauce

Hot baby oil

Cactus needles

Which of the following is NOT one of Kevin's booby traps?

Blow dart to the butt

Blowtorch to the scalp

Searing-hot doorknob

Iron to the face

How many times was the statue in front of the McCallister's house run over during the movie?




What other movie did both Macaulay Caulkin and John Candy both appear in?

My Girl

The Good Son

Uncle Buck

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Which popular television actress at the time almost got the role of Kate McCallister?

Lisa Bonet

Betty White

Kirstie Alley

Shelley Long

What is the name of the company on the van that Harry and Marv drive?

Monkey Business

Pickles 'R Us

Oh-Kay Plumbing & Heating

I C You

What item does Kevin accidentally shoplift?


A toothbrush

A can of paint

A stick of gum

What liquid does Kevin spill on the counter during his fight with Buzz?




Orange Juice

Which late, great comedian auditioned for, but didn't get the role of Santa Claus?

Phil Hartman

Chris Farley

John Belushi

Sam Kinison

John Candy and Catherine O'Hara previously worked together on what sketch comedy television show?


Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Saturday Night Live

Kids In The Hall

What is the name of the pet tarantula that falls on Marv's face?





What was the subtitle of the first Home Alone sequel?

Enter The Trump

Kevin's Crazy Christmas

Lost In New York

Up On The Rooftop

What was John Candy given for his role in Home Alone.


An autographed photo from Marlon Brando

All the pizza he could eat in one day

Liftetime passes to Disneyland

What year was Home Alone released?





What is the name of the fictional gangster movie Kevin plays to scare off the intruders?

For Whom The Guns Toll

Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal

Angels With Filthy Souls

Reservoir Hogs

The role of the bandit Harry went to Jo Pesci. Which other Hollywood tough guy was considered for the part?

Sylvester Stallone

Steven Seagal

Robert DeNiro

Jesse Ventura

What type of band was John Candy's character in?


Death Metal

Country Western

Doo Wop

Home Alone' was directed by Chris Columbus. Which of the following blockbusters did he NOT direct?

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Mrs. Doubtfire

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Who plays Kevin's mother in Home Alone?

Catherine O'Hara

Michelle Pfeiffer.

Fran Drescher

Susan Sarandon

What is the name of Kevin's older brother who he gets in a fight with the night before they're supposed to leave?





Where is the McCallister family headed to for the holidays?





Kevin's neighbor "Old Man" Marley is rumored to have killed his family with what?

A jump rope

A candlestick

A shovel

A pitchfork

Which famous composer scored the beloved soundtrack?

Hans Zimmer

Randy Newman

Danny Elfman

John Williams

What is the nickname of burglars Harry and Marv?

The Wet Bandits

City Slickers

The Merry Elves

The Bad News Bad Guys

What city does Home Alone take place in?

New York


St. Louis


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