Riverdale Quiz : How Big of a Fan Are You?

Riverdale Quiz : How Big of a Fan Are You?
Everything changes for Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead after the recent tragic death of local teenager Jason Blossom. Test your knowledge of the Riverdale teens with this quiz!

The murderer of Jason Blossom is...

Jason Blossom was killed by his own father - Clifford Blossom!



Clifford Blossom

Hal Cooper

The full name of the main character is

Archie's full name is Archibald.





Who did Cole Sprouse play?

Cole Sprouse played Jughead Jones

He played Jughead

He played Archie

He played Kevin

Who was Betty in love with in the very beginning of the first season?

In the very beginning of the first season Betty was in love with Archie.




Who was Kevin in love with from Serpents?

Kevin was in love with Joaquin.




What did Veronica's father always give her?

Father gave her a necklace.




Why was Archie arrested?

Remember an episode where the main four characters spend a weekend in the Lodge family’s lake house? So, Cassidy appears in the middle of the episode: he works in a local store where Berry and Veronica come to buy some cute souvenirs. Veronica out of habit flirts with a cashier and he calls his name, “Cassidy”. Later, the charming cashier puts a black mask on his head and is about to rob Lodge lake house. He steals Veronica’s necklace and runs away. Archie, of course, runs after him, but Andre overtakes them (an assistant of Hiram who was killed in the previous episode) and asks Archie to leave. When Archie is leaving, he hears a shot: it means Andre shot down Cassidy. Andre is dead, it will be very difficult to prove his guilt (considering that Archie is the only witness)

For Cassidy’s murder

For theft of Hiram Lodge's money

For beating Joaquin

Where did Veronica make an underground bar?

Veronica opened a speakeasy under Pop's

Under Pop's cafe

At her home

At Betty's

What secret did Cheryl Blossom hide?

Cheryl was a lesbian

She was secretly in love with Archie

She was a lesbian

She wanted to kill Betty

What's the game name where The Gargoyle King rules?

The Gargoyle King is a villain from a game

Gargoyles and Batman

Griffons and gargoyles

Gargoyles and demons

What did Veronica do when she found out that Betty kissed Archie?

When Betty, Archie, Veronica and Juggie were in the sauna, Veronica kissed Jughead

Kissed Betty

Kissed Jughead

Dropped Archie

Why was Hiram Lodge in prison in the beginning of Season 1?

Hiram Lodge served time for fraud

For murder

For fraud

For abuse

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