What will you be like when grow old?

2019-08-15 05:59:10
What will you be like when grow old?
The years go by faster than you might think. Before you know it, a noisy crowd of your grandchildren runs up to you. Or you'll live in a big city and enjoy calmness and free time - riding a bike, yoga and a pile of books? And maybe you with your friends will discuss young people passing by the entrance? Let's find out what you'll be doing when retired!

Sometimes you can't help but want to shed a tear out of tenderness. What can provoke such feelings in you?

These cheap tricks are not doing it for me. Tears are for suckers

I always melt when see kids

A moving or sad film

This is a rare thing, only if I see something really beautiful I may cry with joy

What will you do when something is aching?

I'll go for a run, warm up and it will go away

I'll go to the doctor and tell him everything what I think

Ask friends or my family for a piece of advice

I'll make my favorite ointment using bur and flaxseed oil

Who can be your best friend when you grow old?



Shaggy dog


Imagine your actions are coming right up. You'll earn a lot of money. What will you spend it on?

I'll put it under the mattress, let them be there for a rainy day

I'll donate it to charity

I'll go on a round-the-world trip

I'll help all my relatives and friends

Imagine the picture: a calm evening in the bosom of your family, pizza and an old good film, which you are watching all together. The fireplace, the dog and the tea are attached. Assess the situation:

Describe your best friends

We love having fun, sometimes even over the top

I don't have any

We prefer quiet get-togethers and longs talks

They're the kindest and most pleasant people

Parents invite you to go to the summer house, spend there a week or two. What's your reaction?

Do you agree with the phrase Old age will come - weakness will come?

You have an off day at last. What do you plan?

I'll do something useful

I'll spend it with my family

I'll stay home,watch the TV

It'' be a calm and quiet day

Of course, it's sad but what if you're fired what will you do?

Not a problem, I have my favorite hobby that can gain profits

No big deal, I've wanted to change something for a long time

I'll come to the director and he'll regret it. He'll pay the price

I'll find what to do. I'll knit mitts and then sell them

How many times a week you go in for sports?

Your motto for life can be…

Fortune favors the daring

It's better to be funny than boring

The best way to make someone good is to make him happy

Whatever, we'ew all doomed

An old doddler

Your years are your wealth. You know it well, don't get mad and don't try to keep up with what had gone long ago. Silence and calmness are the main values of this age and you're happy with it. What can be better than enjoying retirement quietly and peacefully, looking at everybody with a smile and giving kind and wise tips? Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check what your friendship will look like in a few decades!

Terror of the house

We don't know how young people got back at your, but you already keep them in their place. All these strange words, smartphones and the Internet make you crazy. So much that you can sit on a bench near the house with your neighbors and complain about life. What else to do if you're surrounded by do-nothings who cannot even drive in a nail? Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check what your friendship will look like in a few decades!

Life's just began

You are looking forward to your retirement and anticipate a lot of free time, freedom from children and job and the chance to breathe freely at last. Just imagine how many things you can manage to do - to go on a travel, learn how to play a musical instrument, do yoga in the park and read a pile of books. Isn't it wonderful? Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check what your friendship will look like in a few decades!

A family man/woman

The perfect picture from your old days looks this way - a summer house with your own garden and vegetable plot, a lot of many lively grandchildren around, a cat and a dog, caring children and hot mint tea. Well, complete family idyl. This is worth living for! Tell your friends about this quiz, let's check what your friendship will look like in a few decades!