Quiz: Are You Gifted with Imagination?

Quiz: Are You Gifted with Imagination?
What is art for you? It's more than a job, it's a creative and original approach to solving daily tasks. It's our fantasy and imagination that can help us to find courageous and out-of-the-ordinary decisions. Let's find out how good your ability to think outside the box is!

What happens when you listen to the music?

I'm constantly distracted, it prevents me from working

Some songs trigger my memories and make me dream

The first sounds of the song take me to my inner world

Imagine that you're at a boring meeting or lecture. What will you do?

I'll be writing down the information. At least, it's useful

I'll be drawing something on the paper

I'll be dreaming about something

How much are you interested in painting?

What if you were asked to write a long and eloquent letter?

What do you usually dream about in your sleep?

Something related to work or daily life

Nothing special. However, I might see an unusual dream!

I'm flying, saving the planet, practicing magic, etc

Are you bored when alone?

Yes. I avoid being alone

No. Especially if I'm tired

No. I can always find something to do

How would you describe your outfits?

I'm dressing with a style, but never drawing too much attention

I prefer trendy clothes and the outfits I like

I dress according to my preferences. Fashion is not for me

Has any emotional moment in a movie or a book brought tears to your eyes?

No, never / Rarely

Yes, it happens. Mostly it's a movie, not a book

Oh yes. I can cry over a simple book

When sharing a story with your friends, how do you do it?

Stick to the course of events

Stick to the facts. However, I might add some details to make it sound more impressive

I embellish the whole story and glamorize the events

Have your ever thought of your life in another century?

No. I'm fine with the modern world

No. However, it might have been interesting

Yes. I always imagine myself in different epochs

No fantasy, no romance

Seems like you have no ability to fantasize! You prefer being reasonable and tactical, sometimes might be even cold. You rarely dream and don't like when other people are dreaming of something. It's a sign of weakness and indecisiveness. Keep in mind that imagination is a very useful ability! There's no need to cast it aside. Do your friends have good imagination? Share this link to test their abilities!

Balance of fantasies and reality

You're not daydreaming but have enough imagination to spend the whole evening in your fantasies. Sober mind and common sense are your most prominent characteristics. However, there's also room for imagination, because you can see the line between fantasy and reality. Therefore, you always know when your imagination can help you and when it's better to switch to an iron logic. Do your friends have good imagination? Share this link to test their abilities!

Wild fantasy

We can only be jealous by the strength of your imagination! It's capable of creating the scenes that could be sold to the top movie directors, best writers and artists for a decent price! The question is: do you find it comfortable and easy to live in reality when your imaginary world is more attractive? However, if your job is related to art, you're a lucky person! Do your friends have good imagination? Share this link to test their abilities!