How Powerful Is Your Intuition?

How Powerful Is Your Intuition?
Developed intuition - an ability to foresee possible consequences of different actions and phenomena - is a gift nature awards to very few. Very often it's intuition that helps us make the right decisions. Try to guess the results of this test and then take it and check whether you hit the nail on the head. Just a few questions and you'll know if your intuition is better than a coin flip!

Do you believe in the first impression?

Of course, no, everyone knows that it can be deceptive

I don’t know about accuracy, but general character traits strike the eye at once

Yes, it never let me down

Oh, I don’t know, I always have problems because of these quick decisions

What do you think can you win in a lottery?

Sometimes I will!

Me? No. But they say one day the cousin of a friend of my mom…

Between you and me, I did it once. But don’t envy me much

All your lotteries is a deception to make money at the expense of naïve people

You plan to go to the movies on Friday , what can change your plans?

Nothing! Nothing can stop Friday fun!

My horoscope says that I shouldn’t leave my room and make a mistake

The day went pear-shaped from the morning, I won’t risk and stay home

I had a bad dream

The best way to solve a problem is...

Toss a coin

Ask the advice of a person you trust

To weigh everything

Decision occurs to me itself

Let's have fun. Who's so bold and did eat the cake?

A cat, as usual. Mine also does it.

Well, it's me!

A puppy?

It seems a rabbit

How you can tell that someone is lying to you?

I don’t know, I understand it at once

I can feel it. Intonation, maybe

Well, eyes are to the left upper corner, bending the head at 85 degrees, the right-hand reaches in his pocket. Something else?

You can lie to me as much as you want, I still won't understand it.

Imagine you have a well-deserved rest. Where will you go to?

What will come to mind first

Depends on money I have

I put my finger on the map

I'll ask friends

If we ask your friends, they'd probably say in chorus that...

I like balanced decisions

I like spontaneity

I'm a lucky man

I often get into ridiculous situations

Tell us, was it easy for you to decide on your destination and lifework?

Are you kidding? I don't know yet

Not easy, but I made it

Well, yes, it was clear what passion I had

I had to think, certainly. But there were no problems

Which of the following does describe your dreams best?

I cannot describe it

Looks like real life

I'm rarely dreaming

Something unclear

Do you know what "deja vu" is?

Someone told me something about it

I know, know very well after all. Sometimes it even scares me

Yes, sometimes I can feel it

Some dish?

Choose your strange habit:

I put down all small events of the day

I tell my friends about my dreams

I wash up cold water in the morning

I believe in omens

Do you like to give advices?

Do you need it? I can

I need a piece of advice myself

What if they don't ask me?

Yes, I always want to help

Super-intuitive person

Your intuition is so highly developed that sometimes you feel bored and turned off. You often know how one or another event will end before it starts. Perhaps, you should try to strengthen your gift? You may become a psychic any minute now. Your friends and people you know often seek your advice, because who else but you can tell them what to do in a difficult situation. Share your result with them, maybe they need your help here and now once again!

You have good intuition

Your things with intuition are going on well. You often say something like this, "Why didn't you listen to me? I know what I'm talking about!". But we must say even you sometimes make mistakes. Remember when you got a wave of regret about what you had done last time. Rarely, but it happens. Certainly, in most cases, you don't need anybody's advice, but sometimes you should give an ear to another opinion to avoid reckless steps.

You feel global trends

You have intuition, but often it lets you down. Sometimes you make a decision without thinking twice about all the pros and cons and then regret. We recommend you to oftener listen for friends' advice, probably, their intuition is better or they just know what to do. Your spontaneous decisions are, certainly, not always that bad since any experience is good, but some problems could be avoided if you were more careful.

You're a rational pragmatist

As we can see you like to look for adventures upon your head (and sometimes not even head). And what's most importantly, you always find them. Probably, each your decision is followed by a phrase, "No problems. I feel everything will be fine". At these moments it is your "intuition" that talks, which in your case leads to no good. You have the same guesstimate as a newborn kitten - until you run slap into a wall you cannot understand what is going on. So, it's better to toss a coin or ask the best friend's advice. Just right now - share your result!