Is He Cheating on Me?

2019-02-25 21:25:08
Is He Cheating on Me?

Trust is a key factor in any relationship. Each partner wants his beloved one to be faithful. But what if you have doubts? Are you ready to find out truth in our quiz? 

How often does your partner disappear without cause?



Recently in many cases


What bothers you lately in your BF's behaviour?



Lack of sense of humor

Bad mood

Have you noticed suspicious calls and messages in your love's phone?




Lately often

How does your boyfriend react to other girls?


He even doesn't look at them

Checks out really beautiful ones

Gazes after every skirt

How much time do you spend together lately?

As before

A lot


BF started to avoid face to face talks

How does your BF react to questions about where and with whom he was?

Answers directly

Teases for curiosity

Feels at a loss and stammers

Seems like he lies and makes it up as one goes

Do you call him out for lying?

No, by boyfriend is honest with me

Even if he lies, I don't notice it

A couple of times his answers contradicted with each other

Yes, lately he talks round corners

How often do you quarrel over a mere trifle?


Petty household quarrels — we've all been there

He has become quick-tempered over small things

Lately this frequently happens and with a scandal

How much time does your BF devote to you lately?

As before

As much as he can, depending on his busyness

Somewhat less because of arising problems

Less and less

Is he open with you?

He always tells me about his joys and sorrows

He tells me about what he sees fit

Don't even now how much he is open with me

Now he's less open and becomes more silent

Does your relationship develop?

Yes, we're making progress

We passed all stages/We're at the first stahes of relationship

We cannot find meeting points in some questions

I feel we are not moving on

Do you now build joint plans for the future, have you shared dreams?

Yes, our future is only shared one

Yes, but we don't forget about individual development of each of us

Lately he's obsessed with his own ideas

We haven't talked about it long ago

You push the panic button for nothing

Following the quiz results, unfaithfulness is out of the question. All your doubts is just vivid imagination, that's why you shouldn't shoot from the hip and spoil relationships with your doubts. Share the results of the quiz with your friends and compare your results! 

There's a reason to be worried

As much as bad it may sound, your doubts probably are not groundless. You need to talk to your partner and dot all the "i"s. Share the results of the quiz with your friends and compare your results!