Quiz: Is He Flirting, Or Just Friendly?

Quiz: Is He Flirting, Or Just Friendly?
You've gone on a few dates, but are not sure if they're flirting or just being nice. If only you could read their thoughts! Don't worry, we thought of everything and made this quiz. Answer a couple of questions and get to know whether they want to win your heart!

You turn around and see him behind your back. What does he look at?

Right at me

At me, but then immediately looks away

I cannot notice

When you say something funny, how does he react?

Always smiles back

Laughs, taps me on the shoulder

Laughs and pay a compliment to my sense of humor

When you talk face to face, what does he usually look at?

At my lips

Right in the eye

Don't know, he's looking around

Do his friends know about you?

One day he introduced us

I heard that they were discussing something about me. But I'm not sure

Yes, of course. He tells them everything about me

What way your talk does usually start with?

Just for any reason

He asks something or tells a news

With a compliment

Do you often see his smile?

When he's with me - always

Well, yes, when it makes sense

He always smiles everyone

Does it happen that he jokes about a possible date?

No, it doesn't happen

Yes. I wish it weren't jokes

Sometimes, maybe

If you stay together alone, does he tries to come closer?

No, he knows what is personal space

I noticed it a couple of times but not too often

Yes, all the time

Honestly speaking, does it seem to you that he likes you? Be honest!

Maybe. I'm confused in his signs

Well, yes

Don't know, he's polite and nice with everyone

If he accidentally touches you, what will happen next?

He'll beg my pardon politely

He'll be embarrassed

He'll look at me and give a wink

This is love!

In your case, it's possible to talk about flirt as a way to win attention, hand and heart, besides, with a long-term perspective. He shows with all his behavior that he's ready to become your protector, and it's just impossible to find a better candidate for the role of a life partner. Can we already congratulate you on engagement? You'll make a wonderful couple! Share the quiz with friends. Probably, they also want to answer this important question!

This is liking

He certainly flirts with you, however, it's still early to call it love. Most likely, the question is interest or liking: he wants to know everything - from your plans for the night and your favorite movie. This attitude can be named the moment of truth since it will be clear soon whether your couple has got a future or it's better for you to stay friends. Share the quiz with friends. Probably, they also want to answer this important question!

He's a gallant knight

Although his long glances, nice manners and constant compliments look like pure flirt, it just happens to be politeness. He opens the door before you, gives you the coat, and invites for a cup of coffee. This is so, but this is his nature, he treats every girl he knows this way. Instead, you can become great friends since he's so nice! Share the quiz with friends. Probably, they also want to answer this important question!