Is My Relationship Healthy?

2019-10-15 09:43:30
Is My Relationship Healthy?
A relationship in a couple is never static since we change all the time. Yesterday you understood each other well and made joint plans, and today your beloved one distances himself and takes an interest in your less and less. Our quiz will help you to assess your relationship and clear things up.

I feel natural together with my partner.

Do you doubt the sincerity of your partner's feelings?

What does keep you together?

Shared passions

We give each other freedom

Shared experiences

Your partner is going to take time off and take a year-long leave

I'll think about how to live as usual

I'll do the same

I'll think, "Well and good"

You have a large sum of money, which you can spend on anything. What will you do?

We'll spend it on a joint vacation

We buy a gift for each of us - what we've always wanted to have

We'll put it in the budget for future

Usually, we make serious decisions together

If something doesn't satisfy you, what are the chances that you'll tell your partner about it on a scale from 1 to 10?

You want to spend a calm evening together. Your partner suggests going to the friends' place.

I let him/her go

I think that our desires never coincide

I'll go too - the main thing is to be together

Do you sometimes think that you're the only one who wants to struggle for the relationship?

Try to imagine how your couple could look in 10 years. It will be…

More mature and beautiful

There's no way I can imagine us together in 10 years

The same as today

You have a strong relationship

It seems you have a strong and healthy relationship. You both feel comfortable and reverently treat each other. You're used to sharing feelings and spend a lot of time together. Such a union can be envied. However, keep in mind that a relationship passes through different stages. The main thing is to be able to listen to the close one, his/her feelings and needs. And so far you can do it! Share this quiz on social media - let's see what relationships your friends have.

Your relationship lacks closeness

It seems you grew apart lately. You started to talk less, less share experiences, stopped to make joint plans. There's no annoyance between you, however, you feel less interest in your partner. Temporal alienation is typical of any relationship but it's up to you to decide will it be the beginning of a new closing-in. Try to go on a joint journey. Everyday hurry-scurry dissipates attention from each other, and the change of scene will be good for both of you and help to save your union. Share this quiz on social media - let's see what relationships your friends have.

Your relationship is in danger

You often feel uncomfortable in the relationship lately. It seems your loved one doesn't understand you and doesn't take an interest in your feelings. Probably, he/she is just reserved and is not used to share his/her feelings. However, his/her reaction can indicate a lack of respect for you. Try to tell your partner about your feelings and understand what hides behind external indifference. Probably, you'll be able to get to know each other better and save your relationship. Share this quiz on social media - let's see what relationships your friends have.