Is My Relationship One-Sided?

Is My Relationship One-Sided?
Sometimes it seems that love and other tender feelings are mutual. But when only one partner offers love, it's not a healthy relationship. Check whether your love is one-sided.

How do you make plans?

We discuss options together and choose what we both like

We often fight when we discuss, one of us is always dissatisfied

I take responsibility for the decision

Can you rely on your partner?

Assess your partner's secrecy

You often dance to your partner's tune

Do you know your partner's close ones?

Yes, family, friends

I know only a couple of persons

She/he rarely lets me in her/his life

What does happen after quarrels and misunderstandings?

We analyze the situation and apologize to each other

He/she rarely apologizes, it's usually me who makes peace

I always appear to be guilty

What is his/her reaction, when you suggest going to the movies, a concert together?

Are you more concerned about your relationship than your partner?

When you need help, who do you address?

Of course, my partner

It depends

Parents, friends. I'll address him/her after all the others

You had a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion after dealing with your other half.

Assess his/her care

What does keep you together?


Budget, children

Comfort, habit

Do you want kids from your partner?

How strong is your fear to be alone?

If the talk turns to such things as shared property, wedding, move, how does your partner react?

Your feelings are mutual!

You both work on your relationship, and that's great! You understand that everything depends not on one but two persons in a couple. Keep it up! Wish you happiness and love! Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too :)

Perhaps, you should make a change

Your relationship resembles a teetering board with an overweight on the one side. It can't be said that your feelings are not mutual but quite often one of you takes more responsibility for your relationship in the couple. Probably, you need to discuss it. Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too :)

You need to ponder

Most probably, you are more concerned over your relationship than your other half and try to keep it afloat with everything you have. But love is like a tennis-play, two persons take part in it. Probably, a family psychologist's consultation will help you. Share the quiz result to let your friends check themselves too :)