The Ultimate Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

The Ultimate Anatomy and Physiology Quiz
A bit of anatomy never hurt! We all need to know about the structure of our bodies. However, basic school knowledge might have already faded away. Or do you still remember where to find the trachea? Let’s test your knowledge!

Let’s start with a simple question. Which of these organs helps the air to reach the lungs?

The pancreas

The trachea

The aorta

The heart

What do the ribs are attached to?

The clavicles

The muscles

The shoulder blade

The thoracic vertebrae

Which of these organs opens and closes the lower respiratory tract when we swallow?

The larynx

The alveoli

The epiglottis

The uvula

Which blood type makes a person a universal recipient?





Which organ controls our temperature, sleep and appetite?

The hypothalamus

The thyroid

The pancreas

The adrenal glands

Which of these hormones transmits chemical message released by nerve cells to send signals muscle cells?





Which of these organs is a part of digestive system that helps to produce insulin?

The gallbladder

The adrenal glands

The pancreas

The spleen

Where is the biggest part of our liver located?

On the left side

In the middle

On the right side

Where to find the fibula?

In the head

In the arm

In the pelvis

In the leg

What’s the main gland of our endocrine system?

The thyroid

The adrenal glands

The pituitary gland

The pancreas

Anatomy test is failed

You won’t be able to pass a school test on Anatomy with the result like that. At least, you know how to find the heart. However, you might even hesitate when locating it. Human body is complex, versatile and interesting! You definitely have to learn more about it! Will your friends pass this anatomy test? Share the link to test their knowledge?

A promising doctor

You could start your medical career with a result like this! Seems like biology and anatomy are interesting topics to discover, and additional knowledge of the structure of human body will never hurt. You have a lot of things to learn! Will your friends pass our anatomy test? Share this link to test their knowledge!

A true healer

You could just walk into the hospital and get hired with the result like this! You are amazingly good at human anatomy, and your knowledge are far better than school program can offer. You are interested in anything related to human body and its structure, but there’s still a lot of interesting things to discover! Will your friends pass our anatomy test? Send them a link to test their knowledge!