What type of feminist are you? Here is the test to find out!

What type of feminist are you? Here is the test to find out!
People are talking about feminism more than ever, however, most of them don’t even know that there is more than one movement to support women’s rights. This notion unites several directions and ideologies. Let’s find out which of them is most suitable for you according to your principles and ideas!

In your opinion, the main problem of women is…

The society doesn’t categorize people according to their gender only. There are also race, skin color classifications, etc

There are life areas where men have way too much power. For example, pop culture

Plenty of people promote radical views that much, that femininity seems to be vestiges of patriarchal traditions

There are way bigger problems than patriarchy. For example, ecology

If one of your friends confessed that he’s a transgender, what would you think?

Gender is not that important, as his relation to social class differentiation

It’s good that he / she is not a public person. Mass media would have been interested

I feel sorry for this person. The pressure of society made him believe that he needs to change gender

I need to support this person, invite him to work in a group of people. It helps and gives support

What’s the most important thing in art for you?

It should be suitable for everyone

It should contain a political appeal

It should be made by a woman

It shouldn’t damage the environment

In your opinion, how a perfect world of future should look like?

Global gender and race equality

Everyone can freely express his beliefs, even if they aren’t very liberal

Men lose their power and are punished

Humans live in harmony with nature

What’s the root of all evil?

Technological progress


Way too radical women

All the problems are the result of human evolution

What invention you would be happy to see?

Time machine

Oppression and privileges meter

All that can separate our real desires from the ones that are imposed by society

All these inventions won’t bring any good

What importance does gender inequality have, if compared to other problems?

What would you do if your friend offered you cosmetics (but you don’t wear makeup)?

I know a friend who likes it and give them to her

I’ll use it in case the ingredients are safe

I’ll ask him whether he understands that cosmetics are the weapon for demoralizing women

Seems like he supports the gender inequality. I won’t be using it

Your friend says that she faces discrimination because of her race. You:

I’ll do everything to help. That’s a serious matter

I think it happens because she’s a woman, not because of her race

I’ll advise her to believe in her own views no matter what

I’ll invite her to my association where she can work to help nature

A popular actress made mistake in her speech about supporting movement to end child hunger. What would your reaction be?

“Oh, everyone would listen to her. She’s white and rich”

“Examples of successful women are so inspiring!”

“Don’t you think now that all actresses are dumb”

I don’t care, at least she drew attention to the problem

Anti-racist feminism

When the movement for the women rights has just started, most Afro-American women were unhappy with the fact that the motivational speakers all had white skin. They felt it was unfair that women who were despised for the color of their skin remained unnoticed at all. Among the prominent activists of this movement is Angela Davis, who was the first woman to raise a question about racial discrimination. Do your friends share these views? Send them a link to find out!

Pop feminism

Pop-feminism is a movement to support women’s rights in a popular culture. The examples of this type: famous Hollywood actresses who talk about inequality or movements of Hollywood stars against violence with the aim to bring guilty men to justice. Do your friends share these views? Send them a link to find out!

Lipstick feminism

Lipstick feminism is the third (newest) wave of feminism. The idea behind it is to let any woman look the way she likes, even if her views are way too patriarchal. Nowadays, the activists of lipstick feminism protects the women’s right to look glamorous and feminine, if they actually want it. Do your friends share these views? Send them a link to find out!


As you might have guessed from the name, eco-feminists struggle to save the planet and environment from a catastrophe. They spread the ideas of recycling waste and clothes, suggest different methods of saving resources, tell about eco-friendly brands and refuse to use cosmetics and clothes that might be dangerous for the nature. Do your friends share these views? Send them a link to find out!