Test Your Psychic Powers

Test Your Psychic Powers
Some people only listen to the voice of reason. They don't trust their intuition or read horoscopes. However, there is another group of people known as psychics. They can foresee the future and feel the presence of higher forces. Their lives are full of mysterious and inexplicable things.  Take this test to find out if you have psychic powers.

Are you good with animals?

I love animals very much and seem to know what they feel or want.

Probably yes. At least, they don't attack me.

No, I'm not a fan of animals.

What do you think about the end of the world prophecies?

Our ancestors were wise and could really predict the future of mankind.

I think we should seriously consider those prophecies

It's nonsense

I can feel what other people are feeling, and others can also perceive my emotions easily.




How often does something that you've been thinking about actually happen?

All the time



A bird hitting against the glass is a symbol of ...

Bad news

Bird rabies

Stupid superstitions

As a child, you wanted to become...

A politician. Politicians have the power to affect other people's lives.

A writer. I've always liked creative professions.

An engineer. It's a serious and useful occupation.

Have you ever experienced deja vu?

It happens to me all the time

Sometimes it feels like I'm reliving the exact same emotion I had once

What is deja vu?

Do you attend church?

Yes, I feel at peace there

Sometimes I have to

Only as a part of a tour

What's your perfect day?

A day spent in the country

A day spent alone with my thoughts

A day spent with good company

Each of us has a powerful, yet unfulfilled potential. Do you agree?

Yes. For example, I've recently discovered that I have psychic powers.

I'd like very much to have some amazing abilities

I know what I'm capable of. That's enough for me.

Do you read people well?

Yes, I can see right through people.

Yes, I'm pretty good at it.

No. People often try to manipulate and use me.

What do you think about healers treating diseases that modern medications are unable to cure?

They have a rare gift

They're good phychologists

They're swindlers

At a railway station, you're approached by a fortune teller who wants to read your palm. What would you do?

I would read her palm instead

I'll agree. I'm curious to know what she can see.

I'll clutch my purse and try to get away

You have strong psychic powers

You can see things that ordinary people can't see. You know things you aren't supposed to know. You can feel when something bad is going to happen. You can affect the objects and people around you, like weather, your neighbors, or animals. You believe in the underworld and magic. Supernatural things make your life more exciting and fill it with vivid emotions.   Share this test on social media and see your friends' results!

You have some psychic abilities

On one hand, the voice of reason is strong in you. One the other hand, you're longing for mysterious adventures and journeys into the unknown. You seem to maintain a fragile balance between the real and the supernatural. It's a perfect approach, if you ask us. The golden mean is always a good thing. Keep going!  Share this test on social media and see how your friends will answer its questions!

You don't have psychic powers

Witches and unicorns, psychics and ghosts - those are nothing more than fairy-tales for you. Your life is too real and serious. There is no space for surprises and mysteries. Don't you ever get bored? Let your imagination fly free from time to time! Open up your mind and embrace the possibilities!  Share this test on social media and see your friends' results!