Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Who Is Your Guardian Angel?
You've lost your wallet and feel terrible, but suddenly an attentive stranger hands it to you with a smile. You're lost in the center of the city and then a kind passerby points out the nearest subway entrance. Good luck, or a guardian angel? Take this test and find out who guards you! 

What close one do you often dream of?

Someone strong and influential

A mysterious stranger

Other half


What drawback do you have?


I like offer advice



What do you appreciate most in yourself?



I'm not overthinking everything


You come along the street and see that someone needs help. What will you do?

Well, if I help, it will be only worse

I’ll come to him and ask what happened. I’ll try to help

I don’t know, I’ll hardly help

I’ll observe and then tell everybody about what happened in detail

What word can describe you?

Merry fellow



Creative personality

If you have to defend yourself, what weapon would you choose?

I'm against violence


A cold steel. This is very romantic

A gun or a knife. To solve the problem quickly

What superpower do you want to have?

Super memory to remember all details

To punish villains. There’s so little justice in the world

Constant inspiration and energy

Invincibility or else I constantly get into small troubles

What thing do you reverently keep?

A vintage piece from a rag fair

Nothing, I lose everything all the time

A family relic

A special edition book. It has a very beautiful cover

Imagine you are on a desert island and can write only one letter. Who you will write to?

To parents, They always help me with a piece of advice

I’ll address government agencies. They’ll definitely help me

To friends. We'll solve the problem together

I'll write a letter to myself for the future

What scare you most?

Not to encounter your lifelong sweetheart

Probability of staying a looser

Monotonous and boring life

To know nothing about this world

You’re away on vacation at the other end of the world and lose your wallet. Who will you call?

To parents. They’ll send money and come here

I won’t bother anyone, I’ll manage it on my own

I get in such situations all the time

To colleagues. They' find a way out

Everything best happens with you:

In the family nest, under the mom’s wing

When I make every effort

All of a sudden! When I expect it least

At work. It makes my life full.

How do you cope with sadness?

If you always pay attention to such things, you may go mad

Anyhow. I just feel sad

Read books, watch movies, spend days alone

I create

Saint guardian angel

Your guardian angel is saint. He's very quick and full of energy. He immediately offers protection even if you haven't even managed to ask for it yet. However, these protectors are often given to energetically weaken people who actually need strong support and continuous care. That's why exactly a saint guardian angel takes care of you. You often feel down, lose heart and sometimes you lack spirit for active and decisive actions. Well, you definitely need strong support and help, a sky-sign. Consider this test that sign and tell your friends about it!

Air guardian angel

An air guardian angel guards you. He's given to those whom petty annoyances like. A protector keeps in touch with a person under care by means of different sounds, light movements of the air, flying curtains and other suchlike episodes. That's why you often notice some strange things, which sometimes even scare you. However, you have nothing to be afraid of, because all this is good signs indicating the care of supernatural forces. Listen to them oftener and pay attention to the smallest and insignificant events of your life. For example, this test is an obvious sign that your guardian angel is with you. Tell your friends about it!

Wise guardian angel

You're the owner of the angel of wisdom. Usually, these people are known for good knowledge, academic achievements, success in sciences, career. The persons under wise patrons' care can figure out the situation in advance, make conclusions from any events and make balanced decisions. The angel of wisdom is a very reliable adviser in any tight situation, that's why it's easier for you to come out of complex life circumstances. You can use it and help your friends and people you know giving them support and good pieces of advice. Tell them about it, probably, one of them needs your help right now! 

Rainbow guardian angel

You're lucky, a rainbow guardian angel protects you. He's given to creative and artistic people, art amateurs. He helps to reveal abilities and use talent. The rainbow protector has colorful wings, plays musical instruments and can dispel the sadness and sorrow of people under his care. You often escape problems resorting to art, reading books, beautiful movies, and deep consideration. It's hard for you to experience life difficulties, but you eventually manage them thanks exactly to creativity. And you tempt your friends to it - tell them about your result and the usefulness of art at the same time.